Keeping Kids Safe Online and on Phones

As my children get older, I do find myself wondering how we are going to keep them safe online. It’s not as easy as it used to be, to keep your child safe. There are so many other places that our children “play” other than at the park and in the front yard. Now, they are exploring the internet and various online activities.

It is important that parents monitor their childrens’ online use as much as possible in order to avoid cyber bullying and other terrible circumstances.

Even with your child sitting in the same room as you while they play on the computer or the iPad, they can still get themselves into “trouble” without you being aware. This is where comes into play. is a parental resource for keeping your children safe from cyberbullying online and on mobile phones. They provide monitoring for Facebook, Mobile Phones, Text Messaging and more. Their services give you Daily Activity Reports Online and by Email. They also help to educate today’s parents about online lingo and more so that parents can stay up to date with what their children are being exposed to and what they are using.

The list is so long for all of the things that can provide you with, I encourage you to watch this short video and check out their website for more information!

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