Blogger Sign Up: The Great Mystery Boxes Giveaway

As bloggers sometimes we find ourselves overwhelmed with goodies that we couldn’t possibly use enough of in our lifetime. We donate to charities, share with friends and family and sometimes we just stock it away for another time. Well we wanted to be creative, and maybe just a little bit wanted to declutter so….

Four popular Canadian bloggers have joined together to share with you- our wonderful friends- some of these great products.



Whats in the boxes? Well, now that would spoil all of the fun wouldn’t it? There are four themed packages all brilliantly crafted with love, and bursting with amazing oohs and ahhs that are sure to impress.

These amazing bloggers are looking for a few more bloggers to sign up to help share the giveaway on their blog!

What you get?
1 Social Media link of your choice for $10. (The money is being collected to help off set the shipping costs).

This opportunity is now complete.

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