Will “Noni Says No” Win the Blue Spruce Award? {BOOK REVIEW}

Not only has Noni Says No received the Picture Book Honourable Mention for the Ontario Library Association’s (OLA) Best Bets list, but it is also in the running to win the Blue Spruce Award this year.

What is the Blue Spruce Award?

The Blue Spruce Award is a provincial reading program for children in grades Kindergarten to Grade 2. The children read 10 nominated Canadian picture books and then vote for their favourite book.

Noni Says No

Noni Says No by Heather Hartt-Sussman is a book about having confidence in yourself. It features a little girl named Noni who can do many things, but the one thing she can’t do is say “no”. The book shares all of the things that Noni can do as it walks you through Noni’s inability to say no when she really wants to. As a reader, you feel like you just want Noni to say “no” and stand up for herself. In this compelling story, will Noni finally stand up for herself and say NO? You will have to read it yourself to find out!

I highly recommend this book and I do hope that it does win the Blue Spruce award. Standing up for yourself is something that everyone needs to learn! This book helps us to understand why it is important that we follow our gut and why we should stand up for ourselves. After reading Noni Says No, my children and I were filled with the confidence to stand up for ourselves! This will lead to helping children be successful and also to not be “bullied”!

Last year, the winner of the Blue Spruce Award was Dave Whamond, My Think-a-ma-Jink. Toronto: Owlkids, 2010.

My Think-a-ma-Jink

My fingers are crossed for Noni Says No!

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3 Responses to Will “Noni Says No” Win the Blue Spruce Award? {BOOK REVIEW}

  1. Tammy says:

    WE just read “Noni Says NO” AMAZING story!

  2. pamalot says:

    My kindergarten classroom just finished reading the Blue Spruce selections and Noni says No is one of my faves. when it is voting time each child is given a marble and puts their marble in the bowl/bucket of their fave book.
    last year’s winner was a favourite in room 15…this year I am not sure…

  3. Ms. Key says:

    Our school librarian read all of the Blue Spruce candidates to my grade two class, I heard most of them. Lots of kids quite enjoyed “Noni Says No”, though it wasn’t the top choice of my class, this year! They mostly voted for “Small Saul” or “Giraffe and Bird”. I’ll be interested to see which books wins across Ontario!

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