Disney Live! Three Classic Fairytales (REVIEW)

Disney Live! presents Three Classic Fairytales has just finished showing and my family was fortunate enough to attend the Toronto show at Rogers Center.

The kids were super excited as usual and were very eager to see what the show would bring.

I honestly don’t think that there is a bad seat for viewing shows like this at Rogers Center. We had a lovely view of the HUGE stage, but I honestly think we would have felt the same way sitting much further back or to the side. The characters’ costumes were huge and larger than life and the effects were all large too.

My favourite of the three Fairytales was definitely Beauty in the Beast. Part of that could be because I LOVE the story and the music, but it was also the amazing effects that went along with it.

This was another fun and magical show put on by Disney!

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2 Responses to Disney Live! Three Classic Fairytales (REVIEW)

  1. Jayda says:

    We went to see this and we too loved it! Disney does awesome shows no doubt! never dissapointing-SASS

  2. Julia says:

    I hope this show comes to Des Moines ~ my daughter would love it! She’s a big fan of the Disney princesses. ~ SASS

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