Holiday Helpers: A Charitable Giving Organization in the GTA

What is Holiday Helpers?
Holiday Helpers is a charitable, non-profit organization that runs out of Toronto. They help low income families by providing them with a Christmas Package during the Holiday Season.

What is in the Christmas Package?
Included in the Christmas Package is

  • An artificial Christmas tree with all the trimmings, including lights, decorations and a tree topper
  • A gift certificate to a local grocery store for a warm meal
  • Personalized gifts from the families wish list, including warm jackets, clothing, household items and toys

What Can I Do To Get Involved?
Holiday Helpers runs purely on volunteers. So, if you are interested in giving your time this Holiday, they would greatly appreciate your services. Click here for more information.

How Can I Donate?
Holiday Helpers accepts donations by Money and Buying Gifts.

This ever growing charitable organization could use your help this Holiday Season!

Give the gift of Giving!

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  1. kathy downey says:

    This sure sounds like a wonderful program

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