What are 3 Items You Can’t Live Without?

My daughter is sick with a cold right now and this morning, when she was in the middle of coughing and blowing her nose, she mentioned her concern about running out of kleenex.

Hubby piped up and said, “No honey, that is one thing your Mommy will never run out of is kleenex – that and toilet paper and water”.

He is right. I always make sure that our stock of toilet paper and kleenex is plentiful AND we buy drinking water from a local water “u-fill” store. We put it into glass storage bottles instead of the plastic ones because it makes me feel WAY better and hubby is the one to refill them because of their weight. He hates refilling them because he is always afraid of breaking them, but honestly it’s either that or we drink tap water and I’d rather take the risk.

Anyhow, bottled water is something I don’t want to run out of in our house either as our daughter will NOT drink water from the tap. The water from the tap has a unique taste that the “Reverse Osmosis” water does not. I have to say that I prefer the RO water too!

Just for fun, I’m going to share 3 unpracitcal items that I can’t live without (or would rather not!).

My netbook – I love my computer!
Lip balm/gloss – I can’t stand having dry lips!
Craft Supplies – We love doing crafts in this house!

What are 3 Items You can’t Live Without

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One Response to What are 3 Items You Can’t Live Without?

  1. I hope your little one gets better soon!

    Three things I CAN NOT live without would have to be

    Lipblam/gloss as well. I carry tons wherever I go.

    My ipod. I love that thing. And since I love dancing it’s a must have.

    Laptop – Since I work from home, my laptop goes with me everywhere. In bed if I’m sick, in the kitchen while I’m cooking dinner. In the family room when I try and multi task work and watching Modern Family (lol)

    Great post!

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