PLEASE Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome!

When my daughter was a baby, she cried! She cried and she cried and she cried! She cried for hours on end when she was a newborn and well into the first couple of months. She walked the floors with her for what seemed like 24 hours a day 7 days a week. She was a fussy, fussy baby. There were times, many times, where we were worried about her.

I’d like to inform you about The Period of PURPLE Crying – a normal yet difficult developmental stage when infants between two weeks and four months can cry inconsolably for up to five hours a day. The program helps educate parents and caregivers across North America on how to cope with crying and the dangers of reacting to crying in frustration by shaking or harming an infant.

I’d also like to bring to your attention an organization called Clicks for Babies the organization’s grassroots knitting campaign, which is recruiting knitters and crocheters across North America to make purple baby caps. They will be distributed to parents of babies born during the month of November, along with information on The Period of PURPLE Crying. So, if you knit or crochet and you would be interested in making some hats for a great cause, be sure to click the link above to check it out!

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