MTM’s Favourite Green Products for Earth Day!

Every year when Earth Day comes around, I take a little bit of time to reflect upon what I do and what my family does to help keep our Earth happy or happier. I also think about what changes we have made in the past year and what changes we could make in the upcoming year to make a difference.

In the past year, we have:

  • continued to work on water conservation by collecting bath/shower/dish water to water our gardens
  • we are currently in the process of switching over from using commercial laundry detergent to Earths Berries/Soap Nuts which not only reduces the chemicals going into our water but it also reduces the number of plastic bottles being used
  • we use Baalls in our dryer instead of dryer sheets.
  • we have been trying to buy as much local produce, when possible
  • we pack litterless lunches
  • we try to use clothes whenever possible instead of paper towel

This year, the one thing that I would LOVE to try REALLY hard to remember is to bring containers with us whenever we go out to a restaurant! I HATE bringing home our leftovers in Styrofoam containers. It’s NO excuse, but often when we decide to go out it’s a last minute decision and I have so many other things to pack up and think about, containers are the last thing on my mind. I almost think that I need to keep a couple in the car! Maybe that is what I will do. Although I’d like to say I came up with this SIMPLE idea on my own, I didn’t! I heard of this mission called Takeout Without and wanted to share it with you in hopes that if some of us remember at least some of the time to bring containers with us, we will make a difference! Please share with me what you do in your house and in your family! I’d love your ideas. In recognition of Earth Day, I would like to share with you my most favourite Earth Friendly products that I have either tried out or that I use.

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3 Responses to MTM’s Favourite Green Products for Earth Day!

  1. Summy.B says:

    I just found your link thru the blog hop. My sister is going to love your page I’m sending her your link now.


  2. GraceandMe says:

    I found you through the blog hop too/ Tales of a Ranting Ginger/
    I followed you on GFC as GraceandMe. I was looking for your twitter link to follow there too. I look forward to reading more from you. I have only been doing this seriously for about 5 weeks, and have met some great people.


  3. GraceandMe says:

    Duh, found the links on top of page and already follow you on twitter. I’ve been chatting with you this AM, can you tell I need coffee? LOL

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