Cool Site: Child Humor

I came across a hilarious site the other day called Child Humor.

If you’re looking for a good laugh and you love hearing about the funny things kids say or do, this is definitely a site you should check out.

They have funny pictures, funny things kids say, refrigerator art and contests that you can enter.

One of my favourite photos is this one called Bored or Contemplating:

Submitting to Child Humor is simple! They require you to sign up through your Facebook Account (this is to protect you). Using Facebook creates an identity for each person on their site and allows Child Humor to easily notify the authorities if anything inappropriate is submitted. Child Humor have done their research to find the safest way possible for you to submit your submissions to them!

The submission process is simple, you simply upload a picture or quote using the upload button in the top right corner of their site. You can then enter any contest you desire.

Child Humor aims to moderate all submissions within 24 hours.

Why am I telling you all about how to submit? Because I want more people to submit so that their site is a success because I LOVE, absolutely LOVE adorable sayings that kids say. I kept a book of these when I was teaching Kindergarten. I also love looking at hilarious baby and kid photos. I have subscribed to their site in my reader and hope to see new quotes and photos every morning when I log in!

So, what are you waiting for? Go submit your funniest photos and quotes!

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