REVIEW: Cyber Clean

I am freak! Seriously, I am! I get excited when I learn of a new way to clean things that I wasn’t able to clean before, like the little crevices in between the keys in my computer keyboard, the keys of my telephone and my tv remotes. Those things give me the heebie jeebies and now I’ve been introduced to a new cleaning product that takes all of those yucky things out!

Enter: Cyber Clean

Seriously folks, this stuff is like my new best friend! I love this stuff.

It’s a freakishly flourescent yellow looking compound that reminds me of that gak stuff you played with when you were a kid, except it’s not messy at all to touch. You simply push it down into the keys and lift up. You’d be amazed and possibly grossed out at what you see when you lift it up, but you will be rest assured that your electrical device is left clean and almost like new!

I also love the fact that this stuff is biodegradable and non-toxic! It truly makes it my dream come true.

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