REVIEW: CoverMates

I received a Variety Pack of CoverMates to try out and I have to say, I like them for some reasons and I dislike them for others!

We own many tupperware containers as well as glass bowls with lids, but let’s face it, there are also many times I don’t want to transfer the leftover food only to dirty another container and plastic wrap is the only option. Well, now I can use CoverMates instead and not feel as guilty because they are reusable and washable too!

The one negative, I found is that when I wash them, they take forever to dry!

I love how they come in a variety of sizes to cover my smallest and largest plates, bowls and containers. The FlexBand works effectively at making a tight seal around our leftover food to keep it fresh.

I do find that storing them is a bit tricky. They keep falling out of my cupboard. I’m going to try putting them in a storage container, but I worry about them not drying out properly and become a safety hazard.

The CoverMate Variety Pack contains four sizes of their versatile food covers that stretch-to-fit any size bowl, plate, platter, container or cup. The environmentally-friendly covers, which are made from heavy duty, clear FDA-compliant food-safe material free of BPA, PVC and latex, can be reused over and over as they are dishwasher safe. In addition, the covers include built-in corners for fitting both round and square dishware, and vents which allow steam to escape during microwave re-heating.

Admittedly, I won’t use these in the microwave or dishwasher, but regardless, they are so versatile and useful! As mentioned, they are dishwasher safe, but I try not to wash too many plastics in the dishwasher.

Here are some facts about CoverMates:

  • Built-in FlexBand® that stretches to perfectly fit and seal
  • Fits any shape dish, bowl, plate or container to keep food fresh
  • Easy to uncover and recover
  • Microwavable for splatter-free reheating
  • Reusable and dishwasher safe
  • Made in the USA
  • For my American readers, CoverMate is currently running a special promotion at Try Cover where for just the $3.95 cost of shipping and handling, they will send customers a sample pack of all four CoverMate sizes along with a $1.00 off retail coupon for their next purchase! I definitely think this is worth your money!

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