REVIEW: Febreze Allergen Reducer

Recently we were given a bottle of Febreeze Allergen Reducer to try out. If used as directed, it has been known to reduce 75% of allergens from pollen and dust mites that accumulate and become airborne from fabrics in your home.

I have no way of testing exactly how effective the spray was, but I can definitely tell you my thoughts on it!


  • I like how it has a light scent. We aren’t big on overpowering scents in our house. This spray had just the right amount of scent to it, in my opinion
  • It has an easy to use trigger nozzle instead of an aerosol can.
  • I felt like it refreshed our couches!
  • It does keep the dust from poofing up!
  • Cons

  • Honestly, other than the fact that I was spraying another product in our home, I cannot think of one negative point to this product.
  • For those of you who think too much about the dirt/dust that goes unseen in your house, I think that you might feel better about using this product. I know that I certainly did. Knowing that it helped keep the dust down that poofs into the air when you sit on your sofa. Who has the time regularly vacuum their furniture? This was WAY easier than vacuuming up the dust, although I will admit that I will still do that once in a while.

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    2 Responses to REVIEW: Febreze Allergen Reducer

    1. Suzie Ridler says:

      My husband has very bad allergies so I am seriously considering using this but I did hear that it could kill animals which scared me. Do you have pets? Were there any adverse reactions in any way? I really appreciate your review! I am going to subscribe via Google Reader. ~ Suzie the Foodie

    2. Debbie White-Beattie says:

      This post is 7 years old but I tried looking for this product but I just found fabric refresher on all of them. Maybe they’ve incorporated it into the new stuff but I love febreze and I use all the time.

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