Product Review: Cover Plug

With the recent birth of my son, I’m finding myself becoming quickly reminded how we have become much more relaxed about the use of child safety products (in some areas) in our house. An example is that we leave the baby gate open most of the time now, except at night time.

One thing that I never did give up on are the electrical plug outlets. The majority of outlets that are in sight are covered. We have tried a few different kinds and I have never been fully happy with any of them. Most of them are difficult to use.

The coverPlug is a very unique design that I am intrigued with. What I love about them is that they cover the entire outlet so it no longer becomes an object of interest for the child. No tools are even required, they simply plug right into your existing outlet. The best part is that they are paintable so you can match them perfectly to your wall colour which makes them even more inconspicuous.

Something tells me that in a few months when my son become mobile, I’ll be investing in a few more of these!

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