How to Participate in a Norwex Facebook Party

Norwex Facebook Party

What is Norwex?
Norwex is a company whose mission is to radically reduce chemicals in homes through their cleaning and personal care products. I am a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant and two of the ways that I educate people how they can save themselves TIME and MONEY and help their HEALTH and the ENVIRONMENT is by hosting In-Home Parties and On-Line Facebook Parties.

What is a Facebook Party?
Many people like to host Facebook parties because they require no pre-work other than inviting your guests and everyone can come from the comfort of their own home.

Typically, a Facebook Party runs for approximately an hour. You are invited to an event where you have three choices to respond: Yes you will Attend, No, you will not attend or Maybe you will attend.

If you attend the event/party “live”, there will be opportunities to Win Prizes!

If you cannot make it during the actual event due to a prior engagement or your family needs you, it is possible to still attend after the fact to read about all of the valuable tips and information, as well as to place an order if you are interested.

Information will be posted at the top of the party for how you can place an order. All orders count towards the Hostess’s Party.

Hostess Rewards:
Each hostess earns between 8-12% of the party total in their own Norwex Shopping Spree PLUS there are Hostess Rewards packages (changing every month) that you can easily earn where you receive up to hundreds of dollars worth of FREE Norwex products.

How to Participate:

  • Select YES on the event invitation.

Norwex Facebook Party






Select Events in the top left of your Homepage on Facebook.

Norwex Facebook Party






Select the specific event you would like to attend.

  • Once you are in the event, there is a description at the very top. Read in the description about the event AND how to order.
  • There is often also a “pinned” post to the top of the party with important information. This post will always stay at the top of the event, so to see new content, you need to scroll down to see the next post.
  • Throughout the party, the ONLY person to create NEW POSTS is ME, the Norwex Consultant. All guests, including the hostess will add comments below each post. This keeps the party easier to follow.
  • Every few minutes, I will post something new in the event. Sometimes it will show up automatically or you will see a notification pop up that you can click to take you to the new post.
  • You can also refresh your page (f5 on your Windows computer, pull down on your phone or Press the Command and R keys on Mac computers). This will keep the latest new content at the very top of the page.
  • Be sure to read all new posts as there will be valuable information AND tips for how to win prizes!
  • Typically the party will close a day or two after the event date. This is when all orders will need to be collected in order for them to count towards the event.

If you are interested in being the Hostess for a Norwex Facebook Party, please feel free to
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