A Magical Nighttime Routine

DISCLAIMER ~ This post is sponsored by Magic Bag. All opinions are my own. I only share content that excites me and I feel would be beneficial to Canadian Moms. If you have difficulty falling asleep, experience pain or discomfort or even have trouble with anxiety, I highly recommend you check out Magic Bag.

Let’s talk about bedtime routines for a minute. Almost everyone has some sort of a bedtime routine. Am I right?

My bedtime routine includes:

  • washing my face with a cloth and water
  • brushing and flossing my teeth
  • heating up what my family calls a homemade beanbag in the microwave
  • meditation as I go to sleep

These steps have been a part of my nighttime routine for YEARS!

So naturally, when Magic Bag reached out to me I was thrilled to receive a sample kit! I was excited to put them to the test! You know me, I always love to test out new things, they don’t call me Multi-Testing Mommy for nothing – haha!

The Magic Bag can be used as a heating pad to relieve back pain. It can also be used as a cold compress to help ward off inflammation.  Here are some of the highlights of what I love about the Magic Bag:

  • the cover is made of 100% cotton fabric 
  • they are natural, safe and reusable
  • hot and cold relief can be experienced
  • the bags contain organic Canadian oat grains that are compostable after 100 uses 

As a Norwex Consultant, reusable products are very important to me. I am in love with the fact that once you have used your bag for a period of time, you can compost the insides. If you enjoy DIY projects, you can reuse the outer fabric or send it off to textile recycling.

Magic Bag helps me to ease stress, anxiety and pain.

Let me guess, you’ve experienced at least one of these things over the past few months? I know I sure have and so have the members of my family.

For many years, I have gone to bed with a heated beanbag. These bags help me to feel relaxed and often also help to take away any neck or back pain. I especially love the shape of the Neck-to-Back Magic Bag. It wraps nicely around my neck and doesn’t slip off. I have even been known to use it while on Zoom calls for work.

Magic Bag is not just for adults! They also have a kid line – just be mindful of how hot you make them. I recommend that after heating, you hold it on your skin for 30 seconds to test it before giving it to a child. (Just my two cents).

These adorable little friends are made to provide hot or cold relief for children. I remember when my kids were little, we use to heat their bed with a similar type heated friend. We would tuck it down at the foot of the bed each night. And then they would snuggle with their warm friend while they fell asleep.

Magic Bag products make a fantastic stocking stuffer or gift idea!

You can check out Magic Bag on Facebook and Instagram.

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