Protect Your Child’s Bed at Night with PeapodMats (waterproof breathable bed pads)

Does your child still wet the bed at night?
Do you stumble into your child’s room half asleep needing to change their sheets?
This was me multiple times a week until I found PeapodMats!

These waterproof breathable bed pads make night time accidents so much easier to manage.


The 3×3 mat sits on top of your child’s fitted sheet and DOESN’T MOVE when your child wiggles around! This means that when they have an accident, it will hit the waterproof mat! Changing the bed when your child has an accident is SO easy. It is as simple as taking off the PeapodMat and replacing it with a dry one.

Prior to using PeapodMats, my son wiggled off of whatever mat or towel that I put down for him which meant that I had to put it under the fitted sheet. This made bed changing a big ordeal when I was half asleep in the middle of the night.

I put our PeapodMat to the test!

Results: My son’s bed stays dry and the only item that gets wet other than him is the mat.

PeapodMat layers:
TOP – cotton terry for comfort & breathability; stitched grid to prevent bunching
MIDDLE – cushioning fibers to absorb moisture
BOTTOM – coated and brushed to prevent leaking and to grip surfaces

Peapodmats also breath unlike other waterproof mat options that we have been using up until now.

This post contains affiliate links, however, please know that I could not live without our PeapodMats in our house and like everything I recommend here, this is a recommendation from my heart!

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