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Ever have one of those nights where you have no food in the house or you don’t feel like making dinner and calling for delivery just seems overwhelming?

There is a solution!

Just Eat makes ordering in SUPER simple!

Last Friday night, hubby and I had one of those nights. We had fed the kids earlier and all we felt like doing was crashing on the couch and watching some tv, but we needed something for dinner.

After plugging in our postal code on the Just Eat website, we quickly discovered a list of restaurants that we could order from with a variety of food choices!

We decided to order Chinese Food from a local Toronto Chinese restaurant and we were thrilled with the service. Everything was done online! All we had to do was order, wait for our food, open the door and thank the driver. Ordering, paying and tip was all taken care of on the secure website.

And then, we were able to sit back and enjoy our dinner……

Just Eat Online Delivery Ordering

Hubby and I enjoyed Wontons, Vegetable Lo Mein, rice, Sweet and Sour Pork and General Tao Chicken. It was the perfect mix of food and as always when we order Chinese food, there was enough for leftovers…..and then some!

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