A New Found Love of Tea Thanks to My #Moulinex Kettle!

It is no secret at all that I am a lover of coffee. I LOVE my coffee so much that it has become a bit of a problem. Not only do I love the taste of coffee, but I also love the routine of sipping on a hot drink all.day.long.

When I received the opportunity to review a Moulinex Kettle, I was extremely excited because this kettle has temperature settings in order to brew the PERFECT cup of tea!

I will admit that I had to do a little bit of reading, as I really never knew that different teas should be steeped at different temperatures in order to ensure ideal taste. I quickly discovered just how true this really is. The temperature of your water really does play a key part in your tea tasting good and not bitter. No wonder I wasn’t a fan of some teas before! I was scalding them!

Once I discoverd that I really had to push the programming buttons quite hard, I learned quickly how to program the kettle to 65 degrees to make my first cup of green chai tea and the rest is history….

I love how if I know that I am going to be interested in more than one cup in a row that I can program the kettle to remain at the same temperature so that I don’t have to wait for my next cup.

I also love how this kettle has a “Boil Dry” fail-safe device in order to ensure that your kettle doesn’t boil dry.

Another feature that I found very convenient are the BPA free transparent windows on both sides of the kettle so it doesn’t matter which way you hold the kettle while filling it with water, you can see the fill line! Brilliant!

My favourite tea so far is zhena’s gypsy tea in a Coconut Chai Green Tea variety. My dear friend introduced me to this at her house when I was sharing with her that I wanted to get hooked on tea and hooked on tea I became!

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  1. Victoria Ess says:

    I love the feature that allows you to program the temperature of the water! That’s brilliant!

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