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Love Child Organics
We are a family on the go. The number of ‘home days’ since the baby was born 9 months ago – I can count those on one hand. We are also a family of cracker lovers, which is something I try to curb (I mean, how many of us have kids who would eat Goldfish 4 meals a day?). That said, we needed something just as easy (and healthier) to take with us on the go. Enter Love Child Organics with their line of tasty and nutritious organic purees in squeezable, BPA-free pouches.

Meet Love Child Organics, a different type of food company!

Love Child Organics is a family-run business operating out of Whistler, BC, committed to making organic, convenient and tasty food, with a strong focus not just on leaving out the “bad stuff”, but also on including as many nutritionally-rich, natural ingredients as possible. The business is also run with a sense of social responsibility, giving back to children in need, to make a difference on a larger scale – this is something I really believe in so it scores big points in my household!
Love Child Organics
One of the main things that sets Love Child Organics offerings apart from the competition is the addition of quinoa and acerola, as well as many other ‘superfoods’ to many of their formulations. If you are not familiar with these high-nutrition goodies and are concerned they would alter the flavor then put your worries aside. The flavor of the puree is sweet, robust and delicious. Not only did the baby like it, but our preschooler was a huge fan as well, which helps when I need one snack to please us all. Even I got in on the mix and only handed it back when the pleas of my children reached fever pitch! It’s great to have found a sweet indulgence that I don’t have to feel guilty about feeding myself or my kids.
Love Child Organics
A few uses that I have come up with for Love Child Organics food pouches:

  • Keep in diaper bag, car etc. for feeding kids (or yourself) on the go
  • Keep at your desk at work for a quick sweet afternoon treat that you can feel good about
  • Keep some on hand at home to use in recipes that call for fruit/veg purees or applesauce

The fact that these pouches are convenient, affordable (in retailers across Canada and online) and nutritious mean that Love Child Organics purees will have a definite place in my home for years to come. I recommend you check out this great Canadian company doing great things! Love Child Organics – yum.

Prize: 25 Love Child Organics pouches

Open to: Canadian Residents(must be age of majority in place of residence)

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This post was written by Rene, a West Coast transplant living in Ontario with her husband, 2 girls (aged 3 years and 8 months), 2 dogs and cat. She is a certified car seat technician and Barbershop singer who loves to read, knit and paint, if only there was time! Having daughters that love to eat, explore and meet new people keeps her on her toes and out of the house while on parental leave.

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