We LOVE our @VillaggioBread! #GroceryGondola {TWITTER PARTY ALERT}

My hubby is Italian so bread and lunch meat (specifically salami) are staples in our house! BUT, not just any bread! The bread that I buy for hubby has to be the freshest of the fresh and always white!

When hubby and I were first dating, we would often go on picnics and fresh white bread, salami and cantelope were always a must to included in the basket! This is why this recipe below really caught my eye! You can just see the fresh, thickly sliced Italian-style Villaggio bread calling your name, can’t you?!

Are you dreaming of the smell of freshly baked bread too?
I know that I sure am!

What is your favourite of sandwich?

#GroceryGondola Twitter Party Details:
When: Monday, October 28, 2013, 8pm EST
Where: Follow @VillagioBread
What: Follow and welcome Villaggio Bread to Twitter with a #GroceryGondola Twitter Party (as always, there will be some fun prizes!)

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One Response to We LOVE our @VillaggioBread! #GroceryGondola {TWITTER PARTY ALERT}

  1. Victoria Ess says:

    This is my favourite bread to make sandwiches with! I love chicken salad sandwiches.

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