@SplashnBoots and Little Ray Release an Album Dedicated to “Keepin’ It Green”! {#GIVEAWAY}

Confession time: I LOVE Splash ‘N Boots! I really do! They are fun, energetic and talented! Oh, and they wear yellow and blue, which happen to be my two favourite colours.

Did you know that Award winning Canadian children’s entertainers and stars of Treehouse TV, Splash’N Boots, along with leading Ottawa-based conservationist, Little Ray (director of Eastern Ontario’s largest exotic animal rescue, Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo), have teamed up to bring you a brand new album, “Keepin’ It Green”!

I’m sure you can guess that their album is about educating young listeners about a variety of endangered species found across Canada and about taking care of our earth.

Children love music and Splash ‘N Boots provide them with the opportunity to learn so much, in a fun and entertaining way. Splash ‘N Boots are two of the best childrens’ entertainers, in my opinion.

Splash ‘N Boots have an energy that captures audience members of all ages!

Available at Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo locations across Canada and at www.splashnboots.com, a portion of all proceeds from “Keepin’ It Green” will help support conservation initiatives in your community.

You can check out a sample from the CD here:

Prize: A copy of Keepin’ It Green
Open to: Canadian Residents(must be age of majority in place of residence)

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6 Responses to @SplashnBoots and Little Ray Release an Album Dedicated to “Keepin’ It Green”! {#GIVEAWAY}

  1. Nancy Tch says:

    I’m trying to teach my children the impact of everything we buy on the earth. We always recycle everything that can be recycled, reuse things that can be reused, purchase products with less packaging/local and use our green bin.

  2. Monique L.S. says:

    I am most passionate about recycling. I will recycle every little piece of paper that I can. I’ve been trying to get my husband more on board, as it is important to do our part for the earth and its’ future.

  3. Skees says:

    We’re passionate about keeping it clean and reducing our footprint. When we go camping we use solar power to help run things like battery chargers and lights when necessary.

  4. Darwin Chau says:

    We are passionate about teaching our kids the importance of conserving and recycling. We want to instill in them that everything comes from something and somewhere.

  5. Clean drinking water – without it life is pretty hard. We give to projects that assist other parts of the world in securing clean water.

  6. reducing waste and animal conservation!

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