Maybe @Kinder_Canada is What You Need to Scare the Monsters Away! #KINDERMom

KinderCanada has a new toy in town….have you seen them?

KinderCanada is now featuring MONSTERS UNIVERSITY in specially-marked Kinder® Surprise® packages!

This is the FIRST TIME EVER that specially-marked Kinder® Surprise® packages are guaranteed to contain 100% licensed toys! Do you know what that means? Every single Kinder® Surprise® with the Monsters University theme that your child opens will feature a Monters University toy. This news is BIG news in our house as we have a four year old who gets VERY disappointed, jealous and upset if someone else gets a special toy and he doesn’t. Yes, this is part of life. And yes, he is figuring it out, BUT this is a special treat for him! His eyes nearly popped out of his head when I shared the news.

We went to see Monsters Unversity a couple of weeks ago as a family. We all really enjoyed it and agreed that as much as we liked Monsters Inc., we thought that Monsters University was THAT much more fun!

I can’t tell you the surprise and excitement on my kids’ faces when I showed them that we had some Kinder® Surprise® eggs with a Monsters Unversity theme. The kids immediately started acting out the movie with their new fun toys!

Maybe this is what my daughter will finally need in order to kick the “there are monsters in my room at night” phase that she is in. Monsters are cute, funny and fun to play with, after all.

monsters university eggsmonsters university eggs
PLEASE don’t do the math to discover how many treats we opened!

Head on over to the KinderCanada Facebook Page and check out the entire collection OR go buy one (or two or three or four) and enjoy the surprise!

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Disclosure: I’m part of the KINDER® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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3 Responses to Maybe @Kinder_Canada is What You Need to Scare the Monsters Away! #KINDERMom

  1. Susan T. says:

    I used to love Kinder Surprise when I was a kid!

  2. My little guys are really enjoying this line of collectibles…and Mommy is, too!

  3. Kinder Surprise just keeps getting more awesome by the day.

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