It’s #Giveaway Time for all of My Breastfeeding Friends via @MommiesFirstBox

My friends over at MommiesFirst are sharing an amazing giveaway for Breastfeeding Women! Actually, the prizes would make great gifts for any pregnant friends that you have!

Giveaway Prizes from:
FyreFly Organic Tea
Novena Maternal Skincare

There are over $200 worth of prizes to help a breastfeeding Mom be as relaxed and comfortable as possible!

If you’d like to see images of the prizes, feel free to visit MommiesFirst!

Be sure to enter the giveaway below and please be patient for the Rafflecopter Form to load….

ALL Canadian (QC excl) and US Residents are welcome to enter using this Rafflecopter Form.
Note: Country of residence will be confirmed when winners have been selected

Prizes: 5 winners!

1 winner will receive a Novena Maternal Skincare Gift Basket (ARV ~$150)
– CANADIAN Residents Only

3 winners will receive a Pariday TendHer Pillows + Refill (ARV ~$40 each)

1 winner will receive a FyreFly Organic Tea Prize Pack – 1 bag of Baby At Breast & 1 Bag of the Serenity Tea (ARV ~$22)

Open to: See beside each prize for details.
Giveaway ends: August 31, 2013, 12:00AM

This giveaway is now closed.

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42 Responses to It’s #Giveaway Time for all of My Breastfeeding Friends via @MommiesFirstBox

  1. Sarah says:

    I honestly only ever tried to breastfeed my daughter once….I just felt way too uncomfortable with people around watching. Plus, often at that time, I was ill and not taking in the proper nutrients. I am thinking for our next little one I’ll attempt it again 🙂 Thanks!

    Sarah @ Living As We

  2. I didn’t find nursing to be as ‘convenient’ as people said it was. I also found I was subconscious in public. I thought of other people and was discrete about it. It’s a lot about finding ‘your’ comfort zone and staying on that course.

  3. gibberish says:

    My suggestion is to make sure you find a comfortable chair to use. It makes long nursing sessions more doable.
    My rafflecopter name is Julie G.

  4. Erin says:

    I’m nursing right now, and my biggest tip is to stick with it! It took me three months to really get the hang of it, but I’m so glad I did it.

  5. sarah sar says:

    Wear a nursing top! I can’t tell you how much it’s saved my life and made nursing way either plus it eliminates the need to carry around bulky cover-ups.

    texan_michael AT yahoo DOT com

  6. Rachel R. says:

    I am due in November and hope to breastfeed/pump exclusively if possible, even when I go back to work FT. Luckily my job is very pro-breastfeeding and we have a private pump room and are allowed to take pumping breaks.

  7. Sara Rowe says:

    I’m due this month with my first child, and I’m praying the experience goes well 🙂 My friend just had her son and said her nipple shield is a lifesaver

  8. Amy D. says:

    The first 3 weeks were painful, and it was SO hard to get up and feed while trying to recover from the birth, but it was all WORTH IT! It became a really sweet experience, a special time in both of our lives. Also, we love our big nursing cover — it becomes a blanket to sleep in.

  9. Tanis S says:

    First pregnancy for me right now and breastfeeding is my biggest concern for some reason. I would love to do it, though, rather than formula!

  10. CourtneyF says:

    I didnt have an easy time breastfeeding my son so I am hoping for an easier go the second time

  11. Randi says:

    We were very lucky that my son was a great nurser from the beginning and nursed until he was 3.5 when he self weaned. I hope that baby #2 is as easy!! That’s not to say there were not rough patches, so my greatest advice for a mom set on nursing is to remember that those rough patches will pass…the initial days can be quite painful and tiring, but they’ll get better and it will be so worth it 🙂

  12. Lisa Bolduc says:

    i am pregnant with my first right now. i am nervous about breastfeeding, i will be going to a breast feeding consultant to make sure everything is going smooth.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I am expecting my first little bambino this late Fall, and I am so excited with all the changes in my body. Going up breast sizes is fantastic and I am hoping to breast feed for the first year of my baby’s life. Getting pregnant is truely a miracle for us as I suffered from years of endometriosis, miscarriages, surgeries and heartache. Each day of this pregnany is such a blessing. Thank you for the chance to win great prizes twitter fan@plumerea

  14. Lori's Place says:

    Breastfeeding lasted only until my babes got teeth, which was always around the 3 to 4 month mark. Not long enough.

  15. maria says:

    I am entering for my sister. This is her second pregancy and she did breastfeeding with the first. She had no probs.

  16. Julie Bolduc says:

    Always sleep when your baby sleep n always burp the baby more then once

  17. ive breastfed 3 of my children for 2 years each no problems but on my 4th child baby 3 months old and having a few problems like getting cracked all the time its annoying & pain but lansinoh cream helps alot for that no matter how cracked & painful it gets i still plan on going a full 2 years with my baby 🙂

  18. liz smith says:

    Allow yourself a learning curve when it comes to nursing those first few hours, days and weeks. It is not always easy, everyone is different. I struggled with nursing my son, but kept trying, and using a nipple shield is what helped my tongue tied baby finally “get it”. His weight got too low in the beginning and we had to supplement with formula for about a week. And he went on to nurse until he self weaned at 19 mo. Do what makes you comfortable. My daughter was born and went right for the breast, no problems, and here we are 13 mo later. It’s a fleeting special time. Good luck to all.

  19. Sue2Sueper says:

    I breastfed both my kids, and it’s very rewarding and bonding. I could never imagine doing it any other way. I will count myself lucky.

    SueSueper Sue

  20. Shari G says:

    My boys teethed early. So I got bit a lot!! The 3rd nursed fine.

  21. Amanda B says:

    I am expecting my LO any time now and plan to breastfeed.

  22. Hang in there !! you may not breast feed right away, it can be challenging and frustrating but keep at it.

  23. Angela M says:

    I had had a super hard time with pain and proper latch with both my children. It took over 4 weeks with my first and about 4 months with my second. My advice is that a lot of patience may be required and do not be afraid to ask for help.
    angela mitchell

  24. catamo says:

    I loved breastfeeding and encourage everyone to be patient. So easy and convenient once you everyone latches on

  25. Lori Jean says:

    I always took a hot cloth and massaged my breasts to encourage milk flow…and use Lansinoh cream to soothe sore nipples~~~Lori R Jackson is rafflecopter name

    • Thank you so much for sharing the link to this Lactation Cookie recipe! I’ve heard of these before. MommiesFirst Mommies will likely LOVE to hear about this. If you feel like sharing the link on our Facebook Page /mommiesfirstbox I know that our Mommies would love to hear about it.

  26. Samorjj says:

    I loved nursing and had no problems with it. I found it convenient, loving and cheap. Go to ebay or etsy page and get bamboo breast pads. Way more absorbent than those throwaway ones, and use lilypadz during the day.

  27. So many of you have shared some great tips! Thank you 🙂

  28. jopfoh says:

    It was a tough go but eventually things worked out patience really is the key

  29. I loved breastfeeding, it helped with bonging closer to my daughter!

  30. I pumped for 17 months with multiples. I was so happy to be able to give them that gift. Great giveaway, thanks for hosting.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo
    journeysofthezoo at hotmail dot com

  31. BlessedTa says:

    I would like to try the prize

  32. Wobbles B. says:

    Expecting mom really looking forward to nursing my baby, and hopes to conquer any bf trouble and that it won’t be painful

  33. loven mommy says:

    nursed first with ease, nursed second for 4 months before giving up completely and later found out he’s allergic to milk, expecting in feb and plan to try but no better then to keep at it when they aren’t thriving.

  34. Tennille says:

    Try your best and don’t beat yourself up if it is harder than you expected

  35. Aimee Geroux says:

    I am currently pregnant due in January and would love to win this prize. I didn’t breastfeed my other two children as I was young and uncomfortable but plan to try with this baby now that I am older and not so “shy”

  36. catamo says:

    I loved breastfeeding. Get a good support network and be patient

  37. i tried to breast feed.. my daughters didnt latch on properly.. have a lot of paitence!!

  38. Tannis says:

    I hope to be able to breastfeed successfully. I think it’s an amazing time for a mom to share and bond with her baby.

  39. I never realized how “drippy” it could be. I wish I had known about breast pads!

  40. andie says:

    I was blessed to be able to breastfeed as long as I was able – it went well overall. I was younger when I had my daughter and the nurses who were to teach me were not at all nice, made me cry and I sort of had to figure it out on my own, well, and with my husband.

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