A Magical Disney Experience at Home!

One day about a month ago, I gave my four year old son a magical experience!

It was a school day for my older daughter and my son was feeling rather out of sorts. When I started to brainstorm ideas about something that we could do together that would be fun and entertaining, I came up with the perfect plan: a visit to the Disney Store!

You see many new Disney Stores have opened up across Canada with a whole new design that is aimed to provide each guest with the best 30 minutes of their day.

My son and I patiently and eagerly waited outside the Disney Store for approximately 15 minutes for the store to open. I wanted to be sure that he was first in line because the first child to arrive gets the magical opportunity of helping them turn the key to unlock the magic in the store.

This opportunity was very important to me as my husband and I are planning on one day taking our family on a Disney vacation, but due to the cost, that opportunity is far off in the future, so having the ability to bring a small piece of the Disney magic to my son on that day was an exciting prospect.

I will admit that the kid in me was almost more giddy and excited than my son.

When 10:00 finally rolled around, the anticipation of how he would react was killing me! While he was slightly overwhelmed about being in the spot light, the excitement and magic was very evident in his eyes. He watched the huge, magical key, he listened to the mysterious music and they even gave him his own smaller replica key to take home.

This little key has opened up so magic in our house since our visit that day, I just love the power of a child’s imagination.

We opened the store and spent about half an hour roaming around, looking at all of the fun toys. While I’m sure the employees in the store were hopeful that we would buy something that day, it was clear that they also cared simply about the experience that my son was having running around the store and playing with all of the interactive opportunities that they offer for children.

Sometimes, it is the simple things in life that are the most fun. Half an hour was a short part of our day, but it definitely was the highlight! I cannot wait to provide my daughter with the same experience one day. Even though she is almost 8, I have no doubt that she too would enjoy this magical experience with Disney. She is so eager for the “real deal”, but I know that she would appreciate having some Disney fun on our home front too.

What is your favourite thing about Disney?

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One Response to A Magical Disney Experience at Home!

  1. Victoria S says:

    That sounds like such an amazing experience! I love that Disney creates a lot of memories for children.

    (Victoria Ess)

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