What To Do for March Break

It’s that time of year again when I start to make plans for March Break.

The kids will be home from school for an entire week and I need to make sure that we have enough activities planned so that they are busy and happy!

A week can fly by quickly, but if we are stuck at home with nothing to do, it can be one miserable time for everyone involved!

While it is tempting to get away somewhere hot and plan a vacation with Club Med, this is not my ideal time to get away. Because so many people share the same week off, airports and places of interest can be overly crowded and busy which is not something that our family enjoys. If we were to get away somewhere hot, I would much prefer to go during the “off season” or “down time” and enjoy less line ups everywhere.

This year, I have signed the kids up for one day of Gymnastics Camp, this is something they did last summer and had a blast. I have coordinated that they will be there with two of their friends which will make it an extra special and fun day.

We are heading to see Disney on Ice one day and my hubby is taking one vacation day when I think we might plan to go to the new LegoLand, bright and early first thing in the morning! Shhhh….I haven’t told him yet!

The other days will likely be spent at home playing outside, hanging out with neighbours and having some down time.

What about you? What are your plans for March Break?

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2 Responses to What To Do for March Break

  1. Guppy says:

    No plans for me. My hubby doesnt get a holiday so my grown daughter will be taking my 9 year old to a few fun activites (their brother/sissy date time!)

  2. MarianU says:

    We’re going there too! We’re meeting the hubs after work on Friday March break and he thinks there’s a new Lego store at that mall and we’re going there. The kids don’t know anything about this. I’d love to know how you liked it. For the rest of March break, meeting with friends, maybe a swim in Opa’s pool. I think the time will go very fast!

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