Grocery Saving Tips from Real Moms!

I guess I’m considered a “real Mom” because Lori over at Frugal Edmonton Mama featured my thoughts on Grocery Saving Tips from real Moms yesterday!

I encourage you to head on over to her blog to check out how groceries, meals etc. work in our household!

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6 Responses to Grocery Saving Tips from Real Moms!

  1. Soozle says:

    Great post! I can say you very much represent a real mom in your approach to shopping! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Shari G says:

    Oh we all know you are a fake mom 😛 hahhahaha you are funny. Honestly I could use all the tips I can get. I just spent $80 at walmart 😛

  3. Victoria S says:

    Great tips. I find stocking up such a money saver.

  4. Tara says:

    Great tips, I read it this morning. Love both your blogs!

  5. Gingermommy says:

    Going to check it out now. love her blog and her frugal tips

  6. Guppy says:

    I read her blog to but missed that post – heading over to read it now!

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