A Song by @MTM_ALLSTARS Made for @KidsHelpPhone

I am a supporter of Kids Help Phone as I truly believe that it is so important for children and teens to know that there is always someone out there that will listen to them!

Although as parents, we wish that we could be that “person” for our children, often for one reason or another, our children don’t feel comfortable sharing with us.

This is where the importance of Kids Help Phone comes in!

We have a Kids Help Phone magnet on our fridge. Although my kids are still quite young, I want them to always know that if they don’t feel comfortable talking to us about something, they can call Kids Help Phone. I don’t want it to be secretive, I want them to know that options do exist for them. If my children need help or need someone to talk to or to listen and I can’t be that person, I would much rather a trained adult be there for them!

I was so excited and impressed to learn that Marlow and the Mix, a Kids Pop Band, have made a song just for Kids Help Phone. What an amazing thing to do! Thank you, Marlow for being an inspiration and for reaching out to help children.


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