Fun Halloween Rice Krispie Treats Thanks to #Kelloggs

Who doesn’t love Rice Krispie Treats? I know everyone in our house sure does.

When we received a fun box of goodies to create Halloween Themed Krispie Treats, we were super excited!

Rice Krispie Treats Are Easy To Make

All you need is Kelloggs Rice Krispie Cereal, marshmallows, butter and vanilla (optional). For extra Halloween fun, add in some icing and/or some candy and you are good to go!

For the official recipe, go here. Check out this page for Special Occasion Rice Krispie Treats.

Halloween Fun with Kelloggs

We had so much ooey-gooey fun making our Rice Krispie treats! And let me tell you, it was messy! Mommy didn’t put enough oil on the kids’ hands first time around. Their hands ended up getting covered in treats and they got an added bonus of eating the first bunch that they grabbed.

After washing our hands and greasing up REALLY well, the kids were able to roll their own shapes and decorate. They enjoyed making their own creative Halloween creations.

I made a flat container of my own Rice Krispie Squares that I used a bat and pumpkin cookie cutter on to create some fun Halloween shaped treats.

Rice Krispie treats are a yummy treat to send to school for Halloween parties and are a fun treat to simply enjoy at your own home!

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  1. Victoria S says:

    Thanks — I’m going to have to look out for these!

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