Yoomi Bottle Warmer System from @Queraboo {+Coupon Code}

As you may recall, a few months ago we featured queraboo canada, a new business started by mom-preneur Karla Madeira. Karla started this business after finding such unique and special baby items in Europe but discovering they were not available to Canadian moms. She took the chance and launched this business, starting with two high-end and unique European brands that are new to Canada – Elodie Details and Wallaboo! Well, now she has added a third – the Yoomi bottle warming system!

Yoomi products have the potential to change how Canadian moms bottle feed their babies! Yoomi’s signature product, the Yoomi Bottle Warmer, warms feeds as required, without the need for batteries, chargers or asking for water while out. Even better, you don’t have to heat anything up in the middle of the night!

The system is simple – the warmer itself is charged by boiling or microwaving it. After a rest period, the warmer can be stored at room temperature until needed. The warmer fits into the top of the Yoomi bottle and with the push of a button, it begins to warm. After approximately 60 seconds, it is ready to go! The feed is warmed when it flows over the warmer, as the baby sucks naturally on the nipple. A perfect solution in the middle of the night, on road trips or at the park! A complete system includes a bottle, warmer and optional microwave pod (which is required for a quick charge in a microwave oven).

In addition to Yoomi, queraboo canada carries Elodie Details – a brand featuring unique and funky pacifiers, clips and matching bottles, sippy cups, caps, booties, mittens, stroller bags, stroller shoppers and diaper bags! Items include the Elodie Details Black and White Exclusive Edition pacifiers and clips! It is a great way to accessorize your baby with some baby bling!

Wallaboo brings you super soft and high quality items including the truly unique and versatile baby wrappers and winter overalls perfect for our Canadian seasons.

The Wrappers come in four weights, from lightweight summer wraps to shearling-lined winter wraps, in a variety of colours and patterns. They are all pedal shaped and have a unique pocket for the baby’s legs, to ensure they are extra warm and do not slip out. The various buttons and Velcro straps accommodate car seats and can form a hood over the baby’s head!

Don’t forget to check out the Overalls which are perfect for our Canadian weather! They also happen to be on sale at half price right now for $45 (get it before the cool weather comes!)

If you are interested in finding more of what queraboo Canada has to offer, jump on over to the Website right now! For a list of retailers, you can visit them on Facebook. Also, make sure you LIKE queraboo canada on Facebook because very soon, they’re going to be giving away a Yoomi Bottle Warming System to one lucky fan, as well as an Elodie Details or Wallaboo giveaway per week throughout the month July! All you have to do to be entered is like the Facebook page and you never know, you could get a surprise message that you won!

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8 Responses to Yoomi Bottle Warmer System from @Queraboo {+Coupon Code}

  1. Faa says:

    Wow, they have a lot of great products.

    polo_wataga at yahoo dot com

  2. WOW this is amazing!!! I really would like to see one to really believe it! Love mom-preneur’s WAY TO GO!!! @inRdream

  3. Sober Julie says:

    Oh I wish that wrapper was around when my girls were babies….

  4. I wish I knew them when my kids were younger. We have such beautiful products these days

  5. Love the wrappers makes swaddling so easy!

  6. Super cute and nifty items these days for little ones, I wish they had that baby wrapper when my kids were infants, would have been so much help. Mom-preneur’s are freaking awesome and so creative!

  7. Cute stuff! I’m always amazed at the innovation of Moms!!

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