Would Your Child Like a Week at #circlesquare Camp?!


Circle Square Ranch is a Christian, non-denominational, non-profit organization, welcoming youth of any faith and race. There are five different CircleSquare locations including two in Ontario as well as one in Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

I went to camp as a young teen and had the time of my life. I made memories that will last a life time from my experiences at camp! I remember feeling nervous inside at the prospect of being away from home for a week, but the idea of that freedom also excited me! The nerves quickly disappeared after I got checked in and got settled and I didn’t turn back. The fact that I went with a friend from home made things easier for me. She was my comfort, my place to fall back on if I needed, but I was fine and had so much fun that year! The next year, I returned by myself and had just as much fun, if not more.

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