Norwex Cleaning Products Have Made Me Greener, Healthier & Have Saved Me $

Last year, around this time, my friend Mandy introduced me to Norwex Cleaning Products. This post is written to thank Mandy for showing me that you can clean with NO CHEMICALS and feel confident about having a clean, bacteria free house!

For a year now, I have been cleaning all of the surfaces in my entire house, top to bottom with a Norwex Enviro Cloth and a magical liquid called WATER. For convenience sake, I have three Norwex cloths, but I actually started off with using just one cloth!

In my kitchen, I clean: my counters, sinks, cupboards, appliances, floors, table and chairs.

In my bathroom, I clean: my counters, toilet seats, mirrors, floors, sinks, taps, shower, bathtubs, light switches, walls and door knobs.

In the rest of my house, I clean my mirrors, windows, floors, door knobs, light switches, bannisters and MORE!

Depending on how many cloths you have an how messy the areas are, you will have to clean your cloth anywhere from every 5-7 days up to ever couple of weeks. I tend to wash all of my cloths together (only microfibre cloths together) in one bucket. I boil them every couple of weeks to really get them fresh, it is that easy!

Norwex cloths have been tested to remove up to 99.4% micro-organisms from smooth surfaces with the use of just water!

Mandy has taught me a lot about the super quality of Norwex Enviro cloths. They are embedded with silver and silver is a natural antibacterial agent. Dirt and grime gets caught inside the cloth and stays inside the cloth, where the bacteria gets killed from the silver. You should hear about the crazy way that they have tested these cloths involving raw chicken, counters and making sandwiches!

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One Response to Norwex Cleaning Products Have Made Me Greener, Healthier & Have Saved Me $

  1. Ms. Key says:

    Okay, I wrote to Mandy as per your other post. I totally placed a nice starter order… haha… so I’m excited! Made sure to order the dishwashing liquid and laundry detergent so I can use those to keep the clothes appropriately cleaned… looking forward to using these in my condo.

    Mr. Lock hates cleaning products and the idea of the chemicals in them, haha, so he’ll be so happy to have these, as he mostly just likes wiping down the kitchen with a cloth and hot water anyway… and I’ll feel better because these are antibacterial, LOL. It’ll be a shift in my thinking, since I am such a hypochondriac… but I believe you, totally believe these work, haha.

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