Let’s Go Shopping in #Canada #Online with #Norwex

Do you love to shop?

Have you ever shopped online?

I love to shop and even more I do love to shop online!

That is why we have created this page, the Canadian Online Shopping Directory. It has a whole bunch of wonderful places to shop online for Canadians!

Stay tuned each Sunday for some amazing shopping opportunities heading your way!

This past week, we co-hosted a Twitter Party called #GreenVision with @_greenMandy from Norwex.

Norwex Cleaning Products are Earth Friendly and so easy to use. By using Norwex products, you can save money, be kind to our earth and to your family all at the same time!

I have been using the amazing Norwex Enviro Cloth, Polishing Cloth and Dusting Mitt as my primary cleaners in my house for a year now and I have to say that I just love their convenience, effectiveness and especially that they are chemical free. They all have silver embedded in their top quality microfibre to kill any bacteria that gets effectively wiped away from the surface and our house is sparkling (when I clean it, lol!) clean and bacteria free.

I am a true believer that these cloths WORK! Mandy has the proof that they do! When she hosts a party at your house, she wipes raw chicken on your kitchen counter, cleans the counter with a Norwex cloth and then tests the surface for bacteria with a special testing kit! This is what sold me on how effective these cloths truly are.

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