Another #Norwex Believer!

This Guest Post was written by Ashley from Tales from Mommyhood.

Very recently, I was introduced to the Norwex Company – right here on Multi-Testing Mommy! She was going to be hosting a twitter party for a friend of hers who is a Norwex Independent Consultant, Mandy Kuelz.

I was very skeptical about the product – how can you clean with water and microfibre, and actually get a REAL CLEAN? I joined the twitter party, got the information, but I still didn’t believe. At the party, I happened to win a NorwexEnviro Cloth – I fully planned on using it once, and throwing it out (I don’t recommend this – when I told Mandy afterwards she laughed and begged me not to – if I wasn’t happy just return it to her!)

When my Enviro cloth arrived, I followed the directions Mandy had given to me and I was amazed. I was able to clean my entire kitchen while my son had lunch in his high chair. I didn’t need to worry about him breathing in chemicals by spraying my table or counters. I truly was in awe of this product. I continued to use the cloth and knew that I needed more – it was almost a bit of an obsession now! I contacted Mandy to find out how I could become a Norwex Independent Consultant – and I was set. I filled out the application, and my kit arrived a few days later! I was so excited when the FedEx guy came to my door and now I am a Norwex Independent Consultant!

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  1. mamawee says:

    Thanks so much for asking me to guest post !

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