Earth Day is this Sunday!

Earth Day is Sunday!

Will your family do anything for Earth Day? Website has some great information and activities for children! They have Games and Activities, a Book List and more! has some great activities, songs and more for children. has a huge variety of Earth Day information and activities, crafts and more.

This year, I will be planting seeds with the kids. They are vegetable seeds and will grow in one of those transparent growing containers so that we can watch them grow (roots too!).

We will also brainstorm a list of ideas together of how we can take care of our earth. Children have great ideas!

Please feel free to check out my post over at Kahoot Kids where I share a Recycling Art Activity!

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13 Responses to Earth Day is this Sunday!

  1. mamawee says:

    that’s a really cool project!

  2. That’s awesome! We are participating in a shoreline cleanup here in London on Saturday!

  3. Tammy says:

    Love the Transparent idea! We have a HUGE veggies garden, maybe we will get digging in there! Thanks for sharing the wonderful resources on line!

  4. That is a neat idea! I would like to grow veggies but am scared as I have a black thumb. Every plant I have had, has died. Including ones that you aren’t supposed to be able to kill.

  5. Earth Day is pretty important around here with our kiddos. This weekend we’re cleaning up our garden, planting some veggies and flowers!

  6. Sober Julie says:

    We will be spending the day doing yard clean up as well

  7. Katrina Brady says:

    That’s a great idea! They get to be constructive and learn from the root up so to speak!

    sweetpeg at gmail dot com

  8. Leslie says:

    I’ve always wondered why Earth day and Earth Hour don’t coincide.

  9. I am excited! That is a great project!! YAY Earth Day!

  10. Guppy says:

    Planning to take advantage of Starbucks free coffee or tea when I bring in my travel mug promo.

  11. The kids took part in a community clean up today at school. I love your idea of planing in a container you can see through. Have fun!

  12. Nicole says:

    I’m planning to spend Earth Day planting seeds with my daughter, as well as participating in the neighbourhood clean up.

  13. Merry says:

    Not sure what we’re going to do for Earth Day. Love the seed idea but we are (hopefully) about to move so that won’t work.

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