Color Wonder® and Model Magic® by Crayola

As a member of the “Crayola Mom Advisory Board”, I receive a variety of Crayola Products for review – I’ll be honest, this is a former Kindergarten teacher’s dream. I love Crayola Products!!! And so do my children.

Gone are the days where Crayola just make crayons and markers! They have a large variety of art supplies and crafts.

One of my favourite Crayola lines is the Color Wonder® Products. We received Color Wonder® Superhero Squad. It is designed for Ages 3+ and retails for $9.49. Color Wonder® products are perfect for active children who enjoy coloring but who are also prone to making a mess. The markers do not make a colour anywhere but on the special Color Wonder® paper.

Some Color Wonder® markers would make a great stocking stuffer.

We also received a Model Magic® Fragrant Bud Vase. This craft project’s suggested age is 5+. I would suggest that if it is meant to be an independent craft, perhaps age 6 might be a better age. It retails for $8.49. Model Magic® is great for developing fine motor skills and I love how the Model Magic® kits are made so that the child can have an end product, children often like this (not to say that open creativity projects aren’t great because they are!). This Bud Vase would make an excellent Birthday or Christmas gift.

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3 Responses to Color Wonder® and Model Magic® by Crayola

  1. Kyla says:

    We are BIG colour wonder house!

  2. Fan R. says:

    Great idea for messy kids

  3. Love Crayola and will have to try the Vase, sounds like DD6 would get a kick out of it, she is a big crafts fan-a-tic. lol

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