Product Review: Swiffer 360 Dusters

Dusting! I used to HATE dusting. I love to clean, but I’ve never enjoyed dusting.

Did you notice I mentioned I used to hate dusting.

Hmmmm…enter: Swiffer 360 Dusters!

Ironically, my Mom told me about these amazing little dusters a couple of months ago. She swears by them. I was skeptical and couldn’t rationalize having to spend money on disposable dusters. However, I have now eaten my words!

Dusting used to take much longer than it does now. With the Swiffer 360 dusters, dusting is quick and simple. The most amazing thing is that the dust STICKS to these dusters and never gets pushed around (which used to be my issue with dusting). The “dispoable” dusters can also be used numerous times before being disposed of. With a simple shake and poof, the duster is ready to tackle a whole house of dust.

We have dark furniture In hind site, that was one of the silliest decisions we ever made, I do love the look though. What it means is the need for dusting multiple times a week. Now, I can actually keep up with it and I am enjoying it while I go!

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