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Making Time for Play! It’s Important!

Routines change once school is back in session! But, that doesn’t mean that play goes out the window! Especially for little children, play is a crucial part of their day. My daughter just started grade one this fall and she is missing Kindergarten like crazy because grade one is so work focused and no play time is allowed. This is not always the case in every grade one classroom and in my opinion it shouldn’t be. Play is important and people can learn through play in many different ways! To compensate for the fact that my daughter hasn’t received that … Continue reading

NEW KINDER® SURPRISE® 2012 Toy Collection

My favourite kind of play during these last weeks of summer is the spontaneous outdoor play where we end up hanging out in the front yard, pulling out the sandbox, the basketballs and the bikes and just playing, chatting with neighbours and hanging out! Ok, who’s kidding who? I’m totally a kid at heart! I love all kinds of play – building, dress up, drawing, painting, gluing, beading, dancing, singing and being plain old silly. Being a former Kindergarten teacher, play is something that I love and I know that children learn so much from engaging in all kinds of … Continue reading

Canadian Olympians Will Have Their Moms at the 2012 Games Thanks to P&G!

One of the best moments of being a Mom is the feeling of pride when your child accomplishes something. Whether it be speaking their first word, taking their first steps or graduating from Kindergarten, all of these moments are so very special! Us Moms celebrate all of our childrens’ accomplishments along the way. Can you imagine if your child became an Olympian Athlete and you didn’t have the means to go see them and to celebrate their accomplishment with them?! I cannot even imagine that. Thanks to P&G and their Thank You Mom Campaign, all Canadian Altheletes in the London … Continue reading

Del Monte Teacher Monday “Backpack with School Supplies” Giveaway

Del Monte has an incredible goal and that is to get children to across North America to eat healthier! That is a lofty goal, but I do believe it is achievable through education, positive role models and encouragement! Yesterday, I wrote a post about how my daughter and I shopped for food in order for us to “Eat a Rainbow” at snack time. I have talked about how important a variety of colours in our fruits and vegetables is important to our health. We have read books and become educated of our options every grocery store trip that we take. … Continue reading

Back to School – Label Everything!

As a former Kindergarten teachers, I can’t stress enough how important it is for parents to label everything little thing that comes to school. This is not only to prevent things from getting lost, but it is also for two other reasons: To prevent children from fighting over their personal belongings. To reduce the number of times a teacher has to get involved with little fights over personal belongings and focus their energy on different areas Back when I was a kid going to school, I remember my Mom having to get creative in labeling my items that got sent … Continue reading

An Artist in the Making

From the time my daughter was just over a year old, she was interested in arts and crafts. If a day goes by where she doesn’t pick up a marker, some glue or a pipe cleaner, I am surprised. She started off with simple paper and marker tasks and now that she is six and a half, she has moved on to much more complex crafts that she creates all by herself. My son, on the other hand, who is two, going on three in another month and a half expresses very little interest in any type of creative activity … Continue reading Personalized Gifts Perfect for Back 2 School (REVIEW and closed GIVEAWAY)

Congratulations to Jayda T., the winner! is a unique online store that sells personalized gifts for heading Back to School! Frecklebox sells items such as lunchboxes, binders, notebooks, school folders, personalized bookmarks and personalized stickers to name a few. For the younger children in the house who could benefit from some additional sight word practice, Frecklebox has these AMAZING sight word pads that are personalized with your child’s name! We received one for review and boy, am I ever glad we did! Sight word pads have 20 activity pages. The pad also contains a heavy cover sheet that turns … Continue reading

REVIEW: Winnie The Pooh comes to Theatres Friday July 15th, 2011

Inspired by five stories from A.A. Milne’s books in Disney’s classic, hand-drawn art style, Winnie The Pooh hits the theatres this Friday July 15th, 2011! My family had the privilege of seeing an advanced screening of this movie this past weekend in Toronto at the AMC Theatres at Yonge and Dundas Square (VERY nice and SUPER clean theatres, I might add). It was my son’s very first movie in a theatre (he is 2.5 years old) and my daughter’s 3rd movie. We weren’t too sure how my son would react to the theatre in general – would it be too … Continue reading

Point to Happy: A Book for Kids on the Autism Spectrum by Miriam Smith and Afton Fraser

Congratulations to Commenter #3, Deanne! I want to start off this review by saying that the full title of this book is Point to Happy: A Book for Kids on the Autism Spectrum, however, in my opinion this book is an incredibly brilliant book for all young children! There is a removable sticker that says, a book for kids on the autism spectrum on the front of the book can be peeled off. With the sticker removed, the book is called “Point to Happy”. A huge debate about this could occur and this post is by no means meant to … Continue reading

Article: Go Green to Save Green from Ideas That Spark

Multi-Testing Mommy has partnered up with Ideas That Spark to bring you some quality articles with some wonderful information! With Earth Day having just passed, we thought this article would be a great one to start with. You may be interested in reading about how the Multi-Testing Mommy household has been trying to be more green this year here Ideas That Spark: Home Style Go Green to Save Green From the Editors of Ideas That SparkBy Sarah Mahoney For Amie Cross, 28, saving money while saving the planet isn’t just a good idea: It’s a passion. “I’m a stay-at-home mom, … Continue reading