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Fun Learning Activities for Home and School

Fun Learning Activities for Home and School

I am a huge believer and fan in play-based learning. This type of learning doesn’t stop after Kindergarten either! I have witnessed the fantastic outcome it can have in later grades too. Hands-on, fun approaches to learning makes education more engaging and interesting, which ultimately increases attention spans and therefore retention of new information. Learning that involves children being active in a hands-on approach is key to the success of many students. One example of a tool that can be used in many hands-on activities is a Hot Wheels vehicle. Think of the science and math involved, not to mention … Continue reading

Fall Ideas for Little Kids {LINKY}

Artsy Play Wednesday

Whether we want to admit it, FALL is definitely in the air! The children are back in school now, the leaves are starting to turn and while the days might not be cooler yet, the nights are filled with a crisp fall breeze. I always love this time of year as apples and fall were two of my favourite units that I taught when I was a Kindergarten teacher. A few of my favourites that have linked up on our Artsy Play Wednesday (linky is below) are the following: Do you have any Falls Ideas for Little Kids to share … Continue reading

Preschool Educational Activities #ArtsyPlay {LINKY}

apple preschool science experiments

With so much back to school talk lately, I don’t want to leave the preschoolers in the dust as their education experience this fall is just as important! After all, the preschooler years from 1 to 5 are considered to be the formative years and are crucial in a child’s healthy development. Science experiments are a wonderful, hands on way to get preschoolers involved in learning. Tactile science experiments allow children to be fully engaged in their learning. Teaching your child a different language, including ASL (American Sign Language) helps their brain to develop and grow. ASL also allows children … Continue reading

Helpful and Fun Back to School Ideas {LINKY}

Blank calendars

I have to apologize to those of you who don’t have school-aged children or Grandchildren! My blog has been over-run with Back to School content. At least my content has been sprinkled with some good recipes like: Both of these would make GREAT additions to your child’s lunch bag, for those of you who DO have school-aged children! Last week, we had a few bloggers link up some fantastic ideas surrounding Back to School that I would like to feature. These blank calendars can be printed out for your child to use to keep track of projects or for the … Continue reading

How to Skin Peaches – the EASY Way!

How to Skin Peaches

If you follow me on Instagram, your mouths have likely been watering lately as I’ve been trying out a lot of new dessert recipes. I’ve been making desserts with seasonal fruits and vegetables including zucchini, blueberries, strawberries and peaches. A few of the biggest hits were Peach Crisp, Peach Galette, Berry Crisp and Bery Galette. I will be honest with you, up until a few weeks ago when my blogging buddy Personally Andrea shared her recipe for Strawberry Galette, I had never heard of it either. She convinced me to give it a try as I had shared the fact … Continue reading

Back to School Snacks Prize Pack from @EnviroKidz {Giveaway} #EnviroTripz

EnviroKidz Back to School Snacks Giveaway - prize graphic

Yes, I’m talking about Back to School….AGAIN! This time, it is all about Back to School Snacks! Parents of school aged children are all thinking about it as it is that time of year. Routines will be changing and there are many new (and old) products that we must stock up on. Tasty and healthy snacks are something that I am never without! My son is almost always hungry so I always have a portable snack packed in my purse. Enviro Kidz by Nature’s Path has a variety of cereals and bars made with children in mind. EnviroKidz Crispy Rice … Continue reading

Moms Get Organized for Back to School {Giveaway} #countdownBTS

Back to School Hilroy

Not only do we have to get our children ready for back to school, but there are certain things that we as Moms need to do to get ready for the upcoming school year too! Back to School Supplies featured in the image above: Motherword Magnetic Calendar Five Star Boomerang Binder Perfect for your Purse Graphic Notebook Enviro Recycled Notebook Magazine Box Five Star Storage Pocket & Dry Erase (magnetic for locker) Five Star Tri-Pocket (magnetic for lockers) Small Supply Pouch ACCO Brands include Hilroy and many other popular school supply brands. Everything from calendars to binders to paper and … Continue reading

Back to School Bedtime Routine Ideas

Starfish cloud b

I don’t like to admit it, but Back to School shopping in stores seems to be in full swing. It drives me a little batty, as I work in a school and that means that eventually I will have to return back to school and leave my boys again until our next holiday. When school starts in September, that means one of two things for school aged kids: they are returning to school or they are just starting it for the first time. School can be very scary if you have no idea what to expect. Let’s look at it … Continue reading

Get Your Child Organized and in a Routine #ArtsyPlay {LINKY}

Artsy Play Wednesday

How much fun would this Summer Scavenger Hunt be one day this summer? Kids LOVE to go on scavenger hunts! This idea includes a free printable for you to use in order to help your children track their discoveries. When a rainy day is looming, it sure would be handy to have a Rainy Day Bin all ready to go filled with fun activities! Kids love to play with wooden blocks! This post shares 6 new ways to play with wooden blocks. This last activity takes a lot of adult assistance and supervision, but once it is made, oh the … Continue reading

ABC Activities for Preschoolers ~ #ArtsyPlay

As a former Kindergarten teacher, I’ve always adored fun and crafty ABC activities as a first introduction to the alphabet and letter sounds. There are so many creative ways to engage children in ABC learning at a very young age, starting as early as 1 – 1.5 years of age! Perhaps during the VERY early years, the children see it more as fun art, but as they grow, the creative, fun and tactile experiences will provide them with a fun and engaging learning platform to be introduced to early literacy skills. Congratulations to our Top 3 posts from last week! … Continue reading