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BOOK REVIEW: E Is for Ethics

Feel free to enter my Upper Canada Soap contest that ends this Sunday at 11:59pm! I am so happy and proud to feature a Canadian author, Ian James Corlett. He has written an amazing book called E is for Ethics that has 26 short, simple and clear stories that feature Elliott and his little sister Lucy. Each story centers on a particular positive ethic, such as honesty, kindness, charity, and integrity. After each story, there are a series of questions that guide parents into a healthy discussion about each ethic. I feel like this book is very unique. I have … Continue reading

REVIEW: Tie Buddies

With my daughter starting Junior Kindergarten, I was super excited when we received a pair of Tie Buddies to test out! She doesn’t wear lace up shoes yet, but she soon will and I figured we would start to learn now. Much to my chagrin, my daughter has NO interest in learning how. Why learn how to tie shoes when she can wear velcro ones that are super easy, right?! Kids can be lazy little things sometimes 🙂 Anyhow, although I cannot specifically say how these little inventions worked for us, I will say that I think they are an … Continue reading

REVEW: Rock ‘N Learn DVDs

Rock n Learn has a huge line of educational videos for children ranging from intro to Kindergarten to multiplication and science. We received a bunch of videos from Rock n Learn a while ago and recently we received Alphabet Exercise and Letter Sounds. My daughter, who is 4, enjoyed watching these dvd’s. I have to say, I found them a little bit on the cheesy side. However, if she enjoys watching something that has an educational side to it, I am all for it! When one of the videos got to the “how to print” section, my daughter was so … Continue reading

Book Review: Baby Smarts

After studying my Bachelor’s Degree in Child Studies, I am especially interested in studies and discussion surrounding the early years and the importance of brain stimulation. Apparently, a baby’s brain is 250% times more active than that of an adult, that is just crazy! I am lucky in that I studied Child Studies, I’ve worked in daycares, I’ve done a ton of babysitting, I was a swim instructor, I taught piano to children and I taught Kindergarten. I’ve had many opportunities to learn games, songs, poems, etc. to do with young children. Having said that, I found that the book … Continue reading

REVIEW: Nutrition CD Jump with Jill

My family loves music! Both my husband and I have musical backgrounds and both of us have a dream that our children will share that love with us. Being a former Kindergarten teacher, I also have a secret love for children’s music. I love to sing and children’s songs are so easy to sing along to. Of course, I don’t listen to children’s music by choice unless my children are with me (just had to clarify that). I am always super keen to hear new music that is made for children so when I was contacted about a cd called … Continue reading


Being a former Kindergarten teacher, you had to expect that I would jump on the opportunity to review the Preschool Language and Literacy calendar that is put out by The Hanen Centre for the past five years. The Hanen Centre is a not for profit charitable organization that has been around for years. The centre educates teachers, parents and caregivers in helping them promote language development during every day activities. They share information with professionals who deal with teachers and parents. They develop learning materials for children and they conduct research in the area of language and literacy development in … Continue reading

School Zone Workbooks

School Zone provided me with two workbooks to test out on my three year old daughter. Big Alphabet Workbook The Big Alphabet Workbook is just that: BIG! It is a HUGE workbook with activities such as letter recognition, beginning sounds and manuscript writing geared for children aged 3-5. As a former Kindergarten teacher, I have to say that I am not a HUGE fan of traditional “worksheets” in order to teach these skills, however, some children really do love doing them and if that is the case, this book is definitely for them. It is also great for those children … Continue reading

About Multi-Testing Mommy

I am a 30 something year old woman living the life that I’ve always dreamed of! I’m married to my soulmate and we have two wonderful children, a two year old boy and a 5 year old girl. I taught Kindergarten before I became a Mom and I am fortunate enough now to be a Stay at Home Mom, something that I’ve always dreamed of and something that I love being able to do so that I can focus on my family! I love to write reviews on products from books to products for your body to toys to food … Continue reading