About Samantha King

Samantha King is a busy mompreneur and homeschooler with two young, autistic children and a couple of businesses at home. When Samantha’s daughter was diagnosed with autism, she had to learn how to keep her priorities aligned within her family, while operating her business at the same time. While trying to answer the “now what?” question, Samantha created www.fempirebuilders.com, a supportive community for female entrepreneurs across Canada. Since May 2016, Fempire Builders members have shared their knowledge and lessons to coach, mentor and empower each other to reach new heights both personally and professionally. By blogging, writing and speaking to female entrepreneurs, Samantha continues to work with the Fempire Builders community to grow and reach new heights, online and in-person.  Samantha’s most rewarding (and challenging) role is raising two small children on the autism spectrum. She knows how hard it is to identify, cope and support a child with a high functioning autism diagnosis (especially in girls). Samantha loves to connect with others who have walked this path, and hold this journey close to her heart. Samantha is also self-professed TV fanatic, a natural storyteller, an Adult Colourer, Photography Enthusiast, a Book Junkie, Meditator in training, possible runner, and (my guilty pleasure) a certified people watcher.

Motherhood: Loosening Up On The Leash


I’ve always known that I have a very special, yet different, bond with each of my children. While neither of them share my deep love of Once Upon a Time or the Outlander book series (YET!), we have connected on other levels where we’ve found common ground. For my youngest, it’s his spot as the second child; a spot that I hold myself. Lately, with my oldest, it has shifted to being all about loosening up on the leash. Motherhood isn’t always easy. My sense of motherhood is deeply wrapped up in my relationship with my oldest, the strongest basis … Continue reading

One Family’s Journey Through Autism


On April 2nd, communities everywhere bring attention to autism. It’s a powerful day for every autism family. In our household, this day signals a month-long opportunity to increase awareness. Through education about how autism affects our family, we hope, one day, we will have true acceptance of our community. A day when my daughter, Penny, won’t struggle initiating play with her peers. A day when I won’t get judgmental looks when I take my son, Max, out with a harness and leash because without it, he runs into danger.     If you’ve met one child with autism, you have … Continue reading