Summer Essentials for FUN in the Sun!

Summer Essentials

Lately, our family has been talking about our plans for the summer. Many of our discussions have been about the summer essentials required for a fun summer day. The summer essentials from a kid’s point of view are different than those from an adult’s standpoint. While FUN is a priority, summer parenting is often jaded with sibling rivalry and creative ways to keep active with the kids’ educational skills. Due to the theme of this post, I asked my kids to share their opinions with you! My 12 year old daughter shares her thoughts on Summer Essentials for FUN in … Continue reading

At the Cottage with Bugs

Cottaging with Bugs

The cottage with bugs is inevitable, right? Not everyone is a fan of bugs, however and bugs don’t love all people equally either! Oh, those bugs….I’m all for equality! Spread the love, will you? My daughter is a prime example of this. Mosquitoes absolutely adore her! We always joke that she is super sweet and that is why the bugs love her so much. Those bug bites on the back of her legs are just the start of our cottage trip last summer! Aside from the bugs, I am a HUGE fan of going to the cottage. When I was … Continue reading

How to Make Learning Fun This Summer

Hot Wheels

During the summer, I always try to keep my boys learning. We focus on skills and work through some curriculum. However, I have to balance learning and fun, or I hear “Mom, you make summer boring”. I need to make learning fun this summer! While I will still be doing all of the curriculum and worksheets, there are many other ways to make learning fun this summer: Signing up for the Summer Reading Program through the Public Library. Each year they do a program that the kids get awards for the # of books they have read, and encourages them … Continue reading

Outdoor Water Play This Summer

Nerf water Fun

Yes, we are all starting to feel the wind down of summer starting, but there is still plenty of time to have outdoor water play! Outdoor water play is a popular summer time activity with kids! You don’t need to have a pool or even a sprinkler to enjoy outdoor water play on a hot summer day. This summer, my children have been playing with a Nerf Super Soaker and a Nerf Rebelle and they have had a blast! With the “no spraying people’s faces” and “only spray someone if they are consenting to participate in the outdoor water play” … Continue reading

Summer Crafts for Kids #ArtsyPlay

Summer Crafts for Kids

We chose a few linked up crafts from last week to share with you here today as we believe they would make fun activities for a rainy day. These summer craft ideas for kids really would be fun any time during the year! Summer Crafts for Kids Have you ever read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See by Eric Carle? It is one of my FAVOURITE books and children love it too as it reads REALLY well as a read aloud book due to the rhyming and rhythm of the text. On a rainy day, why not head … Continue reading

Summer @PlasmaCar Fun {#GIVEAWAY}


On the last day of school, my kids arrived home to a super fun surprise on our front porch… I had allocated some time before they got home to put the car together and I will say that I was VERY pleasantly surprised that it only took me about 15 minutes from start to finish. That includes opening the box, finding my rubber mallet and assembling the car. The PlasmaCar was VERY easy and SUPER fast to assemble and definitely MOMMY APPROVED! Now, I’ve always claimed to be honest on this blog, so today I will continue that, despite my … Continue reading

TD Summer Reading Club for Kids #YMCKidsRead

LITERACY IS SO IMPORTANT! This post is part of’s support of the TD Summer Reading Club program and other TD Children’s Literacy initiatives. From the time I found out I was pregnant, one of the very first things that I made sure to do was to read to my babies! My husband and I chose one favourite book, Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney and we read it to my tummy almost every day. At the time, I was a Kindergarten teacher and children’s literacy was such a passion of mine (it still is!). We have … Continue reading

Camp Memories Last a Lifetime! #MuskokaWoods2013

It always takes me by surprise when March hits and parents start discussing what they are going to do with their children for the summer! But, let me tell you that I’ve learned the hard way in the past by not planning early because you end up missing out on some great opportunities. It is that time of year when parents need to start making summer plans for their children! Have you considered sending your children to camp this year?I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to go to camp as a kid a couple of times. I went … Continue reading

Summer Sanity ~ Preparing for Kindergarten Part 2

Label Everything

Well folks, this post isn’t so much about summer, but because it is something that we must think about, I’ve still labelled it as “Summer Sanity”. Part of the end of summer is all about preparing for school. This year, my daughter heads off to grade two and my son starts Junior Kindergarten. A lot of people have asked me how they can prepare their little one to start school for the first time. I have spoken with other parents and am also pulling out ideas that I used to give parents when I taught Kindergarten. Here are a few … Continue reading

Summer Sanity ~ Preparing for Kindergarten Part 1

5 Tips for a Successful First Year of School small

This post is a part of Summer Sanity, a series of posts for parents to gain ideas and inspiration for how to keep their children happy, active, educated and having fun during the long summer months. I found the idea to do photo writing from a fun site called Imagination Soup. With my son starting school for the very first time, I was trying to come up with an idea to help him identify with his new school. I decided to change up the photo writing idea slightly and take him through a walk through of his experience of going … Continue reading