Healthier Butter Tarts

Healthier Butter Tarts

I know, I know, you don’t believe me that there is such thing as HEALTHIER Butter Tarts, but please do know that I have found the solution! And the best part is that it combines my Grandmother’s Traditional Butter Tart Recipe and makes it slightly healthier. Now, I want you to understand that I am not magical, these are definitely not HEALTHY Butter Tarts, but they can be considered a HEALTHIER Butter Tart, so read on to find out how I discovered this. The goodness of a Butter Tart is all in the FILLING, would you not agree? That is … Continue reading

Grandma’s Butter Tarts {RECIPE}

Grandmas Butter Tarts

Butter Tarts are definitely one of my weaknesses! I absolutely love how they melt in your mouth. My favourite kind are with just a few raisins. This recipe is from my Grandmother. When I was in University, my parents left me alone for the entire summer as they went up to the cottage. I was so excited to have the house to myself, but specifically, I was excited to bake in the kitchen. My Mom didn’t love it when I asked to bake in her kitchen (I think it was because of the mess that I often created as I … Continue reading

Homemade Probiotic Frozen Yogurt

Homemade Probiotic Frozen Yogurt

The warmer weather is coming and I don’t know about your kids, but mine LOVE a cold treat on a warm day! We don’t tend to keep ice cream in the freezer because it is just too tempting and not a healthy option. BUT, my daughter and I have discovered a healthy cold treat that is easy to make, healthy and delicious! A perfect combo that is welcome in my freezer any time. Let me tell you about our Homemade Probiotic Frozen Yogurt creation.   You can make this delicious treat in three easy steps: Pour some plain or vanilla … Continue reading

Homemade Healthier Chocolate Spread

Healthier Homemade Chocolate Spread

Healthier CHOCOLATE Spread! There….now, I have your attention! I have figured out how to make a homemade healthier chocolate spread that both the kids and I thoroughly enjoy! Many of us are chocolate lovers, but so many of us indulge in chocolate treats that really are not all that great for our health. While chocolate itself does have some excellent properties, it’s often the added “junk” that can give it a bad reputation. Below, I have shared a recipe for a homemade healthier chocolate spread. Unlike spreads that you can purchase on the shelves in the grocery store, this version … Continue reading

Enjoy a Healthy Breakfast and Stay on a Healthy Path {Giveaway}

Healthy Breakfast Giveaway

We all have heard many times how important breakfast is in helping us gain a proper start to our day. The question is, how many people induldge in a healthy breakfast? It is the healthy part that keeps us on track for optimal strength, focus and feeling full until the next meal. Nature’s Path offers organic, non-GMO and gluten free granolas made with nourishing whole grains and nothing artificial – these help to make a healthy breakfast and a fantastic start to your day! Nature’s Path Coconut Chia Granola is made with wholesome clusters whole-grain rolled oats, omega-rich chia seeds, … Continue reading

CRAZY Simple Homemade NO KNEAD Bread

No Knead Overnight Bread

Last night, I went to a Norwex social. I always have such a fantastic time when I meet up with these amazing Norwex ladies as they are all so nice and welcoming. We share ideas, socialize and have lots of laughs together. Last night was our annual Sangria and PotLuck party and I’ll give you ONE GUESS what item I brought for the potluck – you got it right…my BREAD! You see, my blogging partner over at Canadian Moms Cook, Stacey introduced me to this recipe and I have been making it ever since. Whenever there is a potluck or … Continue reading

Delicious Summer BBQ Dry Rub Ribs

BBQ Dry Rub Ribs

When I was a kid, my all-time favourite ribs came from a locally owned restaurant: they were grilled dry, without any sauce on them, and covered in a savoury rub that made them exquisite on their own, and even more amazing when coupled with a sweet-hot sauce (added on your plate as a condiment would be). A few years ago I decided to set upon the adventure of recreating this recipe, or at least something inspired by it. The fruits of my labour yielded a recipe for rib rub and another for rib sauce. I prepare ribs for our family … Continue reading

Homemade Sweet Rib Sauce

Sweet Rib Sauce

As mentioned in the rib rub recipe, my preference is for a sauce to be added after grilling the ribs rather than during the grilling process. Unfortunately, we found that many of the commercially available sauces tasted nowhere near as good if they were used in this manner; it was almost as if they were designed to be cooked. Undaunted, I set out on an odyssey to come up with a rib sauce to compliment my dry ribs (which, if you force me to tell you, are kind of salty – but I would never admit that to the sodium … Continue reading

Moist Cornbread Recipe

Moist Cornbread

Who knew that we would end up having a family tradition whenever we make ribs, but apparently we do! We have a favourite Cornbread Recipe that we have grown to love and we really enjoy it in combination with delicious BBQ Ribs! We also have a zesty homemade BBQ sauce that we make for the side that I will share with you shortly. This cornbread is beautifully moist thanks to the addition of buttermilk and slightly sweet, but not overwhelmingly sweet. It compliments our Dry Rib Rub as it creates something savory and something slightly sweet. A beautiful combination. FINALLY…. … Continue reading

Amazing DRY Rib Rub Recipe

Dry Rib Rub

Growing up, my family made pork spare ribs a bunch of different ways; my mother’s specialty was to cook them in a tomato based stew so that the meat literally fell off the bones, my father slathered them in sauce and cooked them on our gas grill (sometimes – I even shudder to think of it now – he would boil them first – I know, the horror). The problem was, no matter what they tried, they were never able to match my all-time favourite ribs (which came from a locally owned restaurant): they were grilled dry, without any sauce … Continue reading