What Would You Do with $100 this Spring? {Giveaway}

What would you do with an extra $100 in your pocket this spring?

Perhaps you would put it towards a BBQ, a patio set, a new bathing suit, grass seed, or something else?

I know I would likely put it towards some nice patio furniture for my backyard. On the weekend, we were visiting various garden centres looking at lawnmowers when the beautiful outdoor furniture caught my eye! I have wanted to get a large umbrella or shelter for the backyard for many years now, ever since our canopy tent was destroyed in a bad rainstorm. I would love to turn my backyard into a summertime oasis, wouldn’t that be nice?

Together with some fellow bloggers, I am sharing this giveaway in hopes that one lucky winner will be able to put the money towards something special for themselves or their family this spring. With a change in season, there are often many items that need to be purchased, but we also tend to add other items to our wish list as well!

Enter for your chance to win a $100 Pre-Paid Mastercard
Mastercard Giveaway
Prize: One pre-paid MasterCard (or Visa depending on availability) with the valued at 100.00 Canadian.
Open to: CAN/US
Giveaway Ends: April 30, 2015, 11:59pm ET
One person may enter per household
Winner has 48 hours to claim prize or a new winner will be chosen.

I am in no way responsible for the prize (Canada and US Win and Save is soley responsible for randomly drawing the winner, contacting the winner and shipping the prize). Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc is not responsible or liable for this post in any way! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message Natasha at canadaswinandsave@gmail.com.
Good luck!
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  • Marisa

    I am happy that I have healthy kids and my own health. Far too many people are ill and we often take for granted that just being healthy is a win.

  • Melinda Jana

    I am happy that I have a steady job

  • mongupp

    Im happy that i can homeschool my son!

  • Athena

    i’m happy that i’m living in this beautiful city!

  • Elva Roberts

    I am happy that my adult daughers are my good friends and that we enjoy one another’s company.

  • http://mizsnark.blogspot.com/ Dayna Wilson

    I’m happy that my husband sent me a totally amazing surprise joke gift in the mail today.

  • Lee-Ann Sleegers

    The one thing that made me happy today was watching my daughter at her Pony Class.

  • Glogirl3

    I am happy that I have a great loving family!

  • lp

    happy to have family phone calls. thanks

  • Nicolthe pickle

    I’m happy that I have a warm house.

  • Cheryl

    My awesome kids

  • Suzanne Rudge (MapleMouseMama)

    Being able to sing out loud, as loudly as I want, in the car every day :-)

  • http://www.journeysofthezoo.com/ Journeysof TheZoo

    It’s almost time to plant my garden, my kids are happy and healthy and I ate caviar this week. Life is good.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

    • http://www.multitestingmommy.com/ Amanda @MultiTestingMom

      Caviar? EEK – I couldn’t do that!
      What will you plant in your garden?

  • Elva Roberts

    We are having an Election and I am happy today to speak to one our candidates today and the freedom to vote as I choose.

  • mongupp

    Im happy i still have my winter gear to cope with the cold weather again! Brrrr@

  • fossie55

    I am happy that I have two wonderful children and two wonderful grandchildren.
    Florence C

  • Carol Denny

    I’m happy with my family

  • Nicolthe pickle

    My wonderful DH. He’s thoughtful.

  • Tammy B

    Today I am happy that it is Friday!! It has been a long week. My herbs are growing and soon to be replanted and placed on the balcony. Just waiting for warmer days!

  • Laurie P

    So happy the weekend is here. It’s been a rough week!

  • mongupp

    I’m happy the sun is shining after a chilly gray morning!

  • Sara Lindgren

    I would put the money towards expanding my flower garden :)

  • Nicolthe pickle

    My wonderful brand new one year old.

  • Elva Roberts

    I am happy that I am able to get out of bed in the morning and enjoy my husband and family today. I enjoy pictures and visits from some of my young great grandchildren who bring us great joy.

  • kathy downey

    I am happy today because my sister came home after 7 years away

  • Angie Marie Stevens

    I am happy my dog is healing well after surgery.

  • fossie55

    I am happy it is getting warmer and the snow is melting.
    Florence C

  • mongupp

    Im happy that it’s Sunday and i have the freedom to go to church ☺

  • Amy

    I’m happy that my daughters did really well at the archery tournament on the weekend.

  • Heidi C.

    I am happy with my four beautiful children.

  • Addie F.

    I’m happy to have the day off today and to be able to spend it snuggling with cats and watching Netflix!

  • Nicolthe pickle

    I’m happy for fresh chicken noodle soup.

  • jan

    I have my laundry done!

  • mongupp

    Im happy that i have a job.

  • SeanM

    I’ve got a great family!

  • Heidi C.

    I am happy that my kids are healthy.

  • Nicolthe pickle

    I’m thankful for chocolate.

  • Elva Roberts

    I am so happy when my great grandchildren come to visit me, or I see their dear faces in my pictures of them.

  • kathy downey

    I am happy today that my surgery is cured enough to get my hair done

  • jan

    Today the sun is shining and that makes me happy

  • Daniel M

    when my niece visits, she’s always all smiles and giggles

  • Melinda Jana

    I love how my hair lightens my hair, giving it natural brown/red highlights

  • Elva Roberts

    I am happy that I have always loved to read and that lilbraries hold so many books so we all can borrow them for reading!

  • mongupp

    I’m happy i got to see 2 of my friends today.

  • Nicolthe pickle

    This wonderful world we live in! Sunshine

  • Lushka Smith

    My hair ,just got it done

  • Andrea

    I am happy to have the wonderful family that I have and I’m very thankful for the time that I get to spend with them.

  • mongupp

    I’m happy that i got some good library books today!

  • Darwin

    I am happy I got the last donut at work today

  • Margaret MacKenzie

    Today, I am happy that I am well enough to get some of my spring cleaning done. It always feels so good to have that freshness in the home.

    • http://www.multitestingmommy.com/ Amanda @MultiTestingMom

      So happy for you – that would feel great!