Holiday Gift Suggestion: @MapleleaGirls Dolls {G!VEAWAY}

I still remember my very first REAL doll. Her name was Jenny and she had long, straight black hair. I remember what her eyes looked like, I remember what her face felt like and I remember bringing her along with me wherever I went for quite some time.

This year, I know that many of you would love to provide your daughter (or special little one) with a special experience this holiday! I have the perfect suggestion for you:

A Maplelea Girl

Did you know that Maplelea Girls are made by a Canadian Owned and Operated company! Their dolls are specifically designed to encourage Canadian pride amongst the children that play with them.

Items available with Maplelea Girls are their Traditional Girls, Maplelea Friends Dolls and a large variety of Doll Accessories.

The SIX traditional Maplelea Dolls will educate your child about Canada’s culture, heritage and geography. They each come with a 64-page journal illustrated with doodles, photos and writings done by the doll character to tell about her life and the part of Canada she calls home. The writing in the journal is very realistic and adds that extra dimension to the reality of the doll. It allows a child to get right into their doll’s head and will also help them form their imaginative play knowing a bit more about their doll. I really like how there are blank lined pages at the end of the journal for your child to document their fun that they experience with their new friend and how each new outfit (sold separately) comes with a page to insert into their journal.

The dolls’ names are: Jenna, Taryn, Brianne, LΓ©onie (lay-oh-nee), Saila (sigh-lah) and Alexi. Each Maplelea Girl retails for $99.99. The dolls are created with girls 6-12 years old in mind.

Introducing NEW Maplelea Friends Dolls

Maplelea Friends come with a 32 page journal full of prompts and questions with blanks in order for your child to create a personality that suits their special doll.

Included in your Maplelea Friends Box ($99):

  • 18 inch Doll
  • soft, huggable body and poseable arms and legs
  • eyes open and close
  • Graphic Tee
  • Corduroy skirt with pockets
  • Striped footless tights
  • Shoes with mapleleaf cut-out
  • Keepsake journal

Can you believe that there is even a Maplelea Spa that you can send any broken dolls to. For $65, you ship out your doll and a brand new doll arrives looking and feeling great. She will be wearing a comfy spa gown and matching slippers, accompanied by new pages for her journal. Return shipping by regular service is included in the fee.

We received this Maplelea Friend. I have complete confidence that my 7 year old daughter is going to bond with her new doll after she decides what to name her and that she will have years of fun times ahead.

I truly feel that one of these dolls would make an excellent gift for a young girl that will create memories for a lifetime!

Maplelea Girls offers $9 Flat Fee Shipping across Canada
Prize: 1 Maplelea Friends Doll
Open to Canadian Residents Only
Giveaway ends November 30th, 2012a Rafflecopter giveaway

Order your Maplelea Girl Gift now!

Just in time for Christmas!
Call 1-800-668-4339 24/7 or order online!

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  • I’ve learned a lot about this company and think their products are top notch (I even receive the catalogue). I didn’t know that their phone lines are open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo
    journeysofthezoo at hotmail dot com

  • I learned that the company is aspiring to inspire and reflect Canadian living to girls.

  • I learned that they are a proud Canadian company and that their dolls reflect Canada’s beauty.

  • I learned that they are a canadian company founded in 1988

  • I learned that the company was founded in 1988

  • I learned the original dlls face was based on a girl from Auroroa ON

  • They try to make as many of the accessories and products in Canada as possible.

  • I learned that the dolls represent different parts of Canada.

  • I learned that they are canadian and their products are canadian made!

  • November 8–These Dolls are meant to represent the diversity of our country and what a wonderful idea!-Elva Roberts

  • I love learning about the back story to each of the girls – you can really tell the thought and planning that went into each of their identities.

  • I learned they are a proud Canadian company that was founded in 1988.

  • I learn that Maplelea™ is a distinctly Canadian play experience featuring a collection of premium play dolls that celebrate our country’s spirit and identity.

    Narathip Wall
    polo_wataga at yahoo dot com

  • I learned that the company is canadian and was started based on the book from Anne of Greene Gables

  • I learned that the dolls are designed for girls age 6-12

  • I learned that the company started out making the Anne of Green Gables collection (hence Avonlea)! I purchased Anne dolls there years ago! πŸ™‚

  • I learned that their dolls are based on Anne of Green Gables. My favorite book series as a child. Loved the movies too.

  • I learned that the Maplelea girls started in 1988. The company is all Canadian and they have a beautiful catalogue with all the dolls and accessories, the dolls stories and outfits and provinces…..I could go on and on. I do know that these are lovely home grown Canadian dolls and my granddaughters would love them as do I. πŸ™‚

  • I learned they are Canadian. They only make these dolls now.

  • I learned that Avonlea began by developing products based on Canada’s ever-popular storybook character, Anne of Green Gables™.

  • I learned that this company specializes in products specially designed for girls aged 6 to 12.
    My rafflecopter name is Julie g.

  • I leaned that they now have hockey gear for the sweet πŸ˜‰
    (Karla Sceviour)

  • I learned that they are a canadian company and the dolls are based on real canadians.
    dluckyz at excite dot com

  • I learned that they have a full collection of clothing for the dolls. Neat.

  • Eva Mitton

    I am impressed that the creation of the dolls resulted from focus groups of young girls/women, brillant to ask the Target group.

    eva mitton

  • I learned that the company started out making the Anne of Green Gables collection (I’m a huge Anne of Green Gables fan!) I read all of the books when I was younger.
    xjanelle at hotmail dot com

  • I learn that the Maplelea Girls were introduce in 2003.

  • I love all the variations they have now created with different hair lengths and colours, eye colour and skin tone. It just makes them that much more special to the young lady who is lucky enough be their friend πŸ™‚

  • This CANADIAN company started with Anne of Green Gables (loveit!) and has the cutest Anne outfit for sale as one f the outfits for the dolls.

  • I learned about the spa trip when a doll gets broken

  • I learned about the spa trip when a doll gets broken

  • I learned that there is a doll to represent all corners of Canada

  • I love that they are made to be positive role models for girls! We need more of that in this world.

  • November 10-I did it again. Let’s get Healthy-week three-Elva Roberts

  • Maplelea is a Canadian Company. The face of the doll was model off of a girl who lives in Aurora, ON.

  • Media says “Maplelea Girls” Doll Line Teaches Daughters the Wonders of Canada

  • I learned that Maplelea was developed with a primary objective to enlighten and entertain our daughters

    belinda mcnabb

  • I didn’t realize that they a had a range of furniture.

  • I learned they had focus groups to help with ideas for the dolls and the story lines.

  • Canadian company with their dolls representing canada

    rafflecopter – Yan Deng

  • Maplelea is a Canadian company that used to sell avonlea dolls.

  • My granddaughter loves her Maplelea dolls. Grandpa made them a double bunk bed. She loves the outfits.

  • My granddaughter loves her Maplelea dolls. Grandpa made them a double bunk bed. She loves the outfits.

  • I learned the the company for these dolls were founded in 1988..also beautiful clothing are avalable for these dolls..
    perfect xmas gift for my little girl!!

  • I learned they are a canadian company which was founded in 1988. Thats awesome!

    tammykd at live dot com

  • i learned that they send a journal along with the dolls

  • I learned that the company started in 1988 and these dolls specifically started in 2003

  • I like the fact that the dolls are role models, not just toys. The Canadian aspects of the dolls, the accessories like the journal to encourage the girls beyond their play… so many great things here! πŸ™‚

  • Maplelea™ is a distinctly Canadian

  • distinctly CANADIAN

  • I learned they added cute new accessories for winter.

  • I learned a few things, that they’re purely canadian, that they conduct focus groups to learn more about what people like/dislike and how they can improve. Also, that the dolls face was modelled after a girl from Aurora, Ontario, that was pretty neat! πŸ™‚

  • There dolls reflect Canada!

  • I learned that you can purchase heritage outfits for the dolls. The Anne of Green Gables outfit is my favorite.

  • Cyn

    I learned (and LOVE) that they are a great Canadian company which thrills me to no end. I also learned that if a mishap happens with one of the dolls, you can send it to the “spa” to get fixed up. I remember taking my doll to the doll hospital when I was little and it’s such a wonderful memory taking her home, all good to go again!

  • THAT THEY ARE A “distinctly Canadian play experience”

  • Canadian, founded in 1988

  • I learned that focus groups were conducted with girls, mothers and community members to obtain ideas and sugestions for product features and storylines.

  • I learned that they are a Canadian company founded in 1988

  • I learned that the dolls represent different parts of Canada.

  • I learned that the dolls have homes in different parts of Canada, and the company is Canadian too!

  • I learned that they are a proud Canadian company and that their dolls reflect Canada’s beauty

  • I learned and love that Salia’s Pang hat is made in Nunavut! And then heard a rumour that Maplelea delayed her debut to make sure all the hats came from up North? Which is AWESOME!

  • i love how they make canadian dolls@!! the maple cabin dolls are cute

  • The characters are meant to be both an inspiration to, and a reflection of, Canadian girls from coast to coast to coast.

  • I learned that the dolls celebrate our country’s spirit and identity.