Holiday Gift Suggestion: Parker Pens {G!VEAWAY}

When I was a kid, maybe around 13 years old, my grandmother bought me a pen one Christmas. It was a “grown up” pen and I remember how important she made me feel when she described how it wasn’t “just any pen”.

I also remember the day that I lost that pen. I remember the panic and the disappointment I felt. It went missing for a good month and every day, I was so upset that I had lost the important “adult” pen that my Grandmother had given me.

One day, I was leaning on my window sill, looking out into my backyard, when out of the corner of my eye, I spotted something that didn’t belong: MY PEN! It was lying in the corner of my window sill! It was then that I shared the story that I had lost my special pen with my family because thankfully, there was a happy ending!

I remember the way that pen felt in my fingers, I remember how well it wrote compared to my other ball point pens and I remember the special notes and letters that I wrote with that pen.

Somewhere along the line that pen went missing again, but I am happy to say that I received another Parker Pen for review! Boy, opening that package sure did bring back a flood of memories.

I also quickly remembered how nice their pens are. It feels great it my hands and the ink is SO smooth!

I wonder who on your Christmas list could receive a beautiful Parker Pen and feel as special and grow up as I did many years ago?!


Prize: A Parker IM Pen
Open to Canadian Residents only
Giveaway ends November 30, 2012
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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